A loyalty program keeps the right clients coming back, it makes them feel valued, and it encourages them to promote you to their friends and family. In fact, it costs 5-10 times more to attract new clients than it does to keep your current clients — loyal clients are essential to your business.


Create a punch card that includes information about your rewards, give clients “punches” when they complete important tasks, and once they’ve filled out their punch card they can redeem their rewards.


The old “book four treatments and get a fifth one free” method is a waste of money over time. Your clients are already willing to pay full price for their regular services. Instead, your rewards should be products and services they are less likely to purchase or add-on services.

Determine the goal of your loyalty program before you pick a reward. Do you want clients to:

  • Buy more retail?
  • Try new services?
  • Book online more often?

Reward examples:

  • Free products
  • Free brow wax when you book a haircut.
  • 100% OFF when you book a service you’ve never tried before.


#1 During Checkout

  • Pull out a punch card.
  • Let them know your incentive (Free shampoo and conditioner after 6 punches).
  • Give them a punch for this appointment.
  • Give them a punch if they booked you online.
  • AND offer to give them two more punches if they pre-book their next appointment now.

If they decide to book, they’re well on their way to free products!

This is called an “artificial advancement.” Clients are more likely to complete their punch card if they are closer to the finish line.

But guess what? They still have to complete those final appointments — after they’ve completed at least three, it’s likely you’ve got yourself a loyal client.

#2 In the Salon

Place a sign in your waiting area that says, “Don’t forget to ask us about our Loyalty and Rewards Program!” and include a one sentence description of the benefits.

#3 Send out an Email Marketing Campaign

Business management tools like StyleSeat allow you to send customized emails to your client list. Send an email and announce your new loyalty program. Offer an additional “punch” if they click the link in your email and book an appointment now.

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