Slim is one of the top braiders in Miami, Florida who works with child clients – we’re talking kids as young as eight months old. “I take the crybabies, the wigglers, the tender headed children, I basically take the kids that nobody wants to deal with. It’s hard to manage, but I have my ways.” There are tons of parents out there who have nowhere to turn — by focusing on a unique offering, Slim was able to grow her business and make a huge difference in these parent’s lives. Here are her tips for dealing with the toughest (and tiniest) clients while keeping them comfy in the salon.


It’s your job to do whatever it takes to make the kids comfortable and get them to sit still throughout the appointment. The best way to do that? Snacks and cartoons.

  • Although I do offer drinks and snacks, I ask parents to pack snacks that will last throughout their appointment. Some children have allergies and I rather not take that chance.
  • I always have toys just in case, but I prefer the parents bring toys or tablets so the kids can watch cartoons and play with toys they’re familiar with.
  • You have to keep in mind that some of these kids aren’t used to getting their hair braided. I talk to them about school, about activities, anything to keep their mind off of getting their hair done.


Parents are sent a text message a day or two before their appointment with instructions and rules.

  • Hair must be washed and blow-dried.
  • If I have to blow dry & detangle hair there is an extra fee. Time is money.
  • My clients must be on time. Lateness is not acceptable and I will block any client that is a no-show so they can no longer book an appointment with me.
  • Children 5yrs. & under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • I do not allow men to stay. It’s all right for them to drop off, but I do not allow men to sit during appointments.
  • I ask parents to send me a picture of their child’s hair ahead of time so I can determine what style should be done because some kids have thin spots in certain areas and the parent may not know what style they should book to prevent damage. I will then make suggestions and we can settle on a style that is best for the health and comfort of their kid.


If you don’t have patience with children then you shouldn’t do children’s’ hair period.

  • I deal with crybabies, screamers, kickers, and my favorite: the wigglers (Lol). I have worked with them all, but you have to be patient and tune out the things you would never tolerate with an adult client.
  • Every child is different. Believe it or not, my babies, they don’t cry. It’s my big girls, my 5 – 8 year olds that cry. Every child is unique, everyone has different textured hair, and every client’s individual needs should be catered to. At the end of the day, the job has to get done — a lot of mothers out there can’t find anybody to do their children’s hair. There’s a braider out there for every adult, but there are not a lot of braiders for children, especially children that may have short or thinning hair.
  • I just remind myself that the end result is always worth it. I love to see the transformation, so I have patience. Once they’re done, they’re so happy they can’t stay out the mirror and you can see their self-esteem shoot through the roof. That’s all that matters in the end: mom’s happy, the child’s happy, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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