It can be tricky to get salon clients to give you their email address but trust us: it’s worth it. Email marketing is an inexpensive and powerful way to connect with your clients. Without a solid list of emails, marketing will be useless. In order to build your business, you need to collect email addresses. So start Asking.

If you’re unsure as to why you should, well, it keeps your clients informed about changes or updates, it improves client relationships, increases bookings, and ultimately increases your $income$.

This is common practice and your clients are used to it. Here are few tips and tricks to start collecting client emails:


Clients will give you their email address in person. Don’t miss an opportunity to ask.

  • When checking in a client at the front desk, review and update all their contact information on file – ask for their email address now.
  • All new clients should fill out a form upon check-in that asks for simple contact details. Research has shown that most people will fill this out.
  • Ask BEFORE you check them out. By the time your clients have paid, they are distracted and ready to leave – it’s easy to dodge the question.
  • What’s in it for them? Show your clients the value of sharing their email address. Let them know you run monthly specials, offer exclusive access to last-minute openings, and send out special announcements with important information.
  • Hand them your phone – while your client waits for you to set up, just ask them to review and update their contact info. It’s easy with an app like StyleSeat; open the app to the client section and hand it over.
  • When a client books an appointment over the phone, ask for an email address for future reference and in case you need to notify them of a problem.
  • Earn their trust. Make them feel comfortable, give them a great service, then ask for their email information. Remember clients don’t mind giving their email address to businesses they genuinely like and trust.


If your clients book you through StyleSeat, their email address will automatically be added to your directory. But sometimes, you have walk-ins.

  • Provide a bowl for customers to put their business card in with an email address.
  • Host a weekly/monthly contest and give away a free service to one of the lucky winners from the bowl.
  • You can also use this strategy at tradeshows and events to collect emails from potential clients.
  • If you don’t want to give away a free service, offer a discount or promotional price.


Very few clients will refuse free stuff. Loyalty programs are a great way to collect email addresses.

  • Make them feel special. Offer them a spot in your loyalty program – all they need to sign up is an email address.
  • Explain the benefits. The more they understand the value of the loyalty program, the more like they will be to sign up.
  • Make it easy. Set up a google form that explains the details of the program and they can enter their email address right there on your tablet or phone. Google Forms will organize the email addresses into a spreadsheet and you can upload them to your booking app.

If you’re not convinced yet, time to get over it. Here are stats that prove email marketing is a must:

Once you have built up your list of emails from existing and potential clients, you are ready to start running email marketing campaigns. StyleSeat offers an email marketing tool you can run from your mobile phone – give it a try here.

Looking for tools to run your business? Try StyleSeat here.

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