If you offer men’s services and you want to get more clients, you have to start marketing to men too. The demand for men’s salon services is growing rapidly. Did you know, there are 6% more internet searches related to men’s hair than women’s hair? This is a market you should be taking advantage of. Here’s why:

  • Men tend to spend less per appointment, BUT they visit the salon more frequently. Over the course of a year, their total spending can add up to just as much, if not more, than women.
  • Men are more loyal clients. Salon Today recently conducted a survey and discovered that men, on average, have been going to the same stylist or barber for 7 years. If they don’t like their haircut, the majority of male clients will let you know on the spot. Only 16% stay quiet and take their business elsewhere.

If all your marketing efforts are geared toward women, you are missing out on a huge pool of potential male clients. Who doesn’t want more business?

Here are some ways to reach all those male clients you’ve been missing out on.

  • Spread the word. Remind your female clients you also serve men and encourage them to bring their husbands/boyfriends in. Send out an email marketing campaign and offer rewards to people who refer a male client.
  • Offer male-focused specials. Take advantage of Father’s day and run a special or offer a salon package so families can purchase it for their dads. You can also host an event for men with discounted services and giveaways.
  • Beef up your portfolio. Potential male clients want to see that you keep up with men’s trends and you have the skills to give them a great service. Add more photos of your male clients to your portfolio to show off your work.=
  • Display your service list. Make male clients feel welcome by dedicating a section of your salon menu to various services they would be interested in, such as a straight razor shave or beard trim. If this is their first time in a salon, they may not be familiar with what services are commonly offered and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to add on a service.
  • Sell male retail products. Nearly 50% of men use styling products for their hair so where’s your men’s section on the retail shelf? Show new male clients how to use a product during their service so they can see the result. If they like it, they tend to stick with it for years.
  • Give them an experience they’ve never had. Many men have never been to a salon before and they aren’t sure what to expect. Provide a hot towel and scalp massage – show them they will definitely be upgrading by switching to you. For the first few visits, offer an add-on service for free to get them hooked.
  • Offer a loyalty program. As we mentioned, if you can snag them, men are the ultimate loyal client. You know what that means right? Lock in that next appointment while they are still in the salon, get that email address, get them on a loyalty program, and you’ve got yourself a new client for life.

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