How to Get More Tips as a Beauty Professional

Sure, each tip might seem small but an extra five dollars a service can really add up!

If you see ten clients a day and each person tips an extra five dollars, that’s an additional $1,000 a month!

With a little effort, bigger tips can become a major part of your income. Obviously, no professional should ever ask for tips, but there are many tricks you can use to encourage clients to be a little extra generous ; )


  • The number one way to increase your tip is to increase the overall bill. This one might seem obvious to getting a bigger tip, but it’s something to consider in your upselling strategy.
  • You already did the work of getting your client in the chair, don’t miss your opportunity to get the most out of the appointment by increasing your sales.
  • In order to successfully upsell to a client, your suggestions must be genuine and helpful. Never suggest something your client doesn’t really need or want. You are the expert. If your client could use a repairing treatment, offer one! Here are a few tips to help you determine when it is appropriate to upsell to your clients.


  • If you work in a salon, spa, or barbershop, find ways to stand out and get bigger tips.
  • Clients are more likely to tip when they feel like you are an individual rather than part of a staff.
  • Sharing your personal experiences and listening to their interests can give you insights into who they are as a person and can encourage great conversation.
  • The goal is to personalize yourself and your appearance. If you have to wear a uniform, try accessorizing.
  • In a study about tipping behavior, researchers found that waitresses who wore flowers in their hair saw a 17% increase in tips.
  • The more clients see you as an individual, the higher they will tip. Always introduce yourself by name and don’t be afraid to show your personality in your outfit to standout and increase tipping likelihood.


  • Giving clients a little entertainment has been proven to increase tip percentages.
  • Provide up-to-date magazines
  • Play great music
  • Offer Wi-fi
  • Play videos of fashion shows, makeup application techniques, home-care tips, etc.


  • Clients give great tips when they feel valued and taken care of. Customer service is crucial. If you treat them like just another client, they will treat you like just another stylist.
  • Make sure you always use first names when you greet them and make sure to check in on any conversations you had during their last appointments.
  • StyleSeat offers a “client notes” feature that allows you to jot down important details about your clients so you don’t forget.
  • Encourage your clients to follow you on social media. Clients respond well to Twitter, Facebook or even YouTube videos of your services. Not only will this allow them to see your work, but it will also allow them to feel more connected to you as a person.
  • Was she getting her hair done for a date last time? Ask her how it went. Is his birthday coming up? Ask him what he has planned and if he wants to come in for a trim.
  • Make clients feel special and they will never forget to tip.


  • At Cornell University, Michael Lynn published a research paper that reviewed 14 studies of tipping behaviorThey found that offering clients small gifts significantly increases tips.
  • Do the math. A 24 pack of sparkling flavored water costs $10.99. That’s 45 cents a can. Spending an extra 45 cents on each client is worth an extra few dollars per client in tips.
  • Offering coffee is even cheaper to go after those better tips!
  • If you want to get fancy, offer alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a cold beer, mimosas, or champagne, make sure you check with your State Alcohol Beverage Control Board and your licensing agency to make sure that you have the proper permits to serve alcohol on the premises. Also check with your insurance agent to see if a special rider is required if you serve alcohol in the salon.


  • Be smart about where you spend your time and energy. Ideal clients give generous tips and they are the people you should be putting in the extra effort for.
  • Give every client a great service, but don’t waste extra resources on clients who don’t tip well.
  • If you build a better clientele, you’ll increase your tip income dramatically.

You can’t always choose your customers or avoid the worst ones, but you can allocate your time accordingly.

If you work as a beauty professional where the customers can choose you on their next visits, provide the best service possible to the big tippers. Building rapport with quality clientele, can drastically increase your tip income.

Check out StyleSeat to get tools like “Client Notes” and “Email Marketing.”

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