Get More Exposure

Increase your brand exposure to new clients with virtual services. We updated our search engine to allow clients to search for virtual appointments anywhere in the country. By adding virtual services to your Service Menu, you’ll appear in client searches more often. Plus, this search update is new (meaning less competition) so the sooner you offer virtual services, the more traffic your profile will get.


Get New Clients

Virtual consultations present the perfect opportunity to build relationships with new clients. As clients hunker down and wait for salons to re-open, they’re contemplating new looks and researching new stylists. It’s no surprise that new client consultations are the top booked virtual services on StyleSeat. Adding virtual new client consults is a great way to foster new relationships and bolster future business. Plus, it’s one of the easiest services to offer — all you need is a video meeting. On your consult, you can get your new client booked for a future appointment ensuring they don’t miss out when bookings are back in high-demand.

Make More Money

Clients are willing to pay top dollar for virtual services during this time. In fact, when it comes to paid virtual services (excluding free consultations) clients spend an average of $144 on virtual appointments. Even free consultations are a great way to drum up future business. The average appointment cost after a consultation is almost 3X higher than a standard appointment. Using this time to provide virtual services and consults will help you earn more income and rebound strong.

Support Your Regulars

Your clients trust you to help them look and feel their best. Even if your clients are social distancing, many of them are spending their days bouncing from one Zoom meeting to the next. Virtual services allow you to continue to help regulars maintain their look and their confidence through this time.

Free Marketing Content

The upside of a virtual appointment? You can record them. Not only can you share this recording with your clients after their session for added value, but you can also use these clips as marketing content. Post your video to social or create a highlight real to showcase your technique, talents, and your ability to support clients even when creative measures are required.

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