Between salon closures and regulated reopenings, this year has been unexpected, to say the least. Boost business with three fall specials you can continue year-round.

New Client Special

Draw new business to your salon or barbershop with a new client deal. Offer all new clients an incentive to visit your salon. Consider offering new clients a special price on select service, a discount on any service, or a free salon product with their first visit. Reach new audiences and spread the word on your new client special with a social campaign. With a first-time visitor special and the right marketing, you’ll pull new clients all autumn long.

Last Minute Specials 

Fill your free appointments and less-popular time slots with last-minute specials. To fill your books and your schedule, offer a discount to clients for odd times and free openings. You can even market your off-hour promotion as a Happy Hour Special.

Alternatively, you can fill your schedule by extending your existing appointments with discounted add-on services. If you have a client booked for a cut (and no follow-up appointment), offer your client a discount when they add on an additional service like a gloss or color treatment. In the end, you’ll fill your books, delight your client, and double your tip!

Monthly Specials 

Keep your client’s interest piqued with a monthly special. Each month, choose one service to be discounted to all clients — all month long. A monthly special will draw new clients looking for that specific service and incentivize your existing clients to try new things. You can use a monthly newsletter, social media, or email campaign to update your client list on your monthly special.

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