If you’re not using email marketing to build your brand, now is the time. Email is a valuable channel for stylists to connect with their clients. Not sure how to get started? Learn how to grow your business through your inbox. 

What do I include in my emails?

Today, consumers get a lot of emails. From travel deals to clothing sales, our inboxes are filled with information we don’t need — and sometimes never asked for. Therefore, your message should always provide value. When emailing your clients, it’s important to always have a purpose to drop into their inbox. What does that look like?

Run a Promotion

Take advantage of email by sharing exclusive deals that excite your clients. Launching a new appointment bundle that will save clients hundreds of dollars? Let your clients know through an email campaign! Plus, email is the perfect setting to share referral programs as clients can easily forward your referral code directly to their friends. 

When running promotions through email, it’s important not to spam your reader. Aim to strike a balance between sales-y messaging and emails where you give your reader valuable updates — that’s where newsletters come in.

Share a Newsletter

Let your clients know what’s new with your salon with a monthly newsletter. New services? COVID-19 changes? Last-minute openings? Use this channel to keep your clients up to speed all while keeping your business top of mind. 

How often should I email my clients? 

When it comes to promotional and newsletter emails, you should limit your email updates to twice a month. For transactional emails, (appointment confirmations, receipts, last-minute openings, etc.) feel free to send these as much as needed. 

How it Works

Luckily, StyleSeat gives you powerful email marketing tools to help you keep in touch with clients. To build an email marketing campaign, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Email Marketing from your menu bar.
  2. Click Create Campaign.
  3. Select a template and name your campaign (don’t worry this isn’t visible to clients).
  4. Fill out a Subject Line. This is your one chance to get your client to open the email. Make it catchy, informative, and engaging.
    choose a template, campaign name, and subject line.
  5. Choose which clients will receive this email.
  6. Design your email in the template editor. 

StyleSeat Email Editor

    • To replace the default photo, select the photo, click Upload New Image to upload from your device or gallery, and then choose your preferred photo. (TIP: Horizontal photos work best!) 
    • To update the header or body of the email, select the text, make your edits, and hit Save.
    • By default, each email includes a direct link to your profile so clients can easily book with you.
  1. When you’re happy with your campaign, tap Finish, and send yourself a preview!
  2. When you’re ready to launch tap Send to send your email to your selected clients. 
  3. To track campaign performance, go to Email Marketing
  4. You’ll see the number of opens, clicks, and appointments your campaign has generated. 

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