As one of the top stylists in Cincinnati, Nick Da Barber has made a name for himself in the rapidly growing world of barbering. Nick’s road to success wasn’t easy, however. Having overcome a difficult childhood and even homelessness, Nick eventually found his calling behind the barber chair.

As a young man, Nick attended a predominantly white college.The shortage of barber shops in the area inspired him to pick up a pair of clippers and it wasn’t long before he was getting haircut requests from his teammates and coaches. Nick saw the positive impact a good haircut could have, and he was hooked.

Nick enrolled in barber college where he refined his skills and formed his identity as a family barber – someone you could take your grandpa to, your kids to, your friends to, and someone you could trust.

From that point on, Nick committed to being “the best.” He went to trade shows to learn from the masters, he invested in a scheduling app [StyleSeat], he reached out to celebrities and athletes, and before he knew it, he was mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs and barbers that wanted to learn from his success.

We had a chance to sit down with Nick to get a little insight into what motivates him and what it took for him to grow his business. Check out the video above for the full interview.

Name: Nick Baynes

City: Cincinnati, OH Barber

Specialty: Barber


Instagram: @nick_da_barber


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