We know the lengths most stylists will go to in order to make their clients happy. So we wanted to know, what are the strangest things clients have ever asked for? This year, we highlighted some of our top stylists across the country and many of them had interesting stories to share about their unusual or unexpected client requests. We’ve compiled 10 of the best ones — if you’re having a rough day and could use a laugh, take a look.

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#1 Ivana Rivera | Esthetician

“Around Christmas time, a client decided she was going to do a full ‘Brazilian,’ but with a twist. She asked me if it was possible to create a Christmas tree pattern with her hair! Needless to say, I executed … but not without a few laughs first.”

#2 Salina Neou | Nail Artist

“I was at a house call one time for a very wealthy client. She had me do her nails while she was undergoing liposuction. There was a doctor on site and while he was operating on her I was doing an acrylic fill (designs and all!) on a limp hand. First time for everything!”

#3 ARTHVR | Stylist

“My client once asked me to give him a haircut that looked like his grandpa’s (he was going to play a role of an old man in a musical he was performing in). So, I shaved the top part of his hair, left the sides and dyed it gray.”

#4 Andrea Bailey | Stylist

“A client once asked if she could have her hair clippings so she could make a mosaic, which I immediately obliged. I’ve also gotten, ‘If I take my shirt off before you put the cape on does that mean you will shave my back?’ which I did not do.”

#5 ‘Kraf(t)smən/ “Moe” | Barber

“Can you dye my beard gray so I can look like an older guy?”

#6 Kiki Adams | Stylist

“Someone asked me to chemically relax her hair in her personal areas……….lmbo.”

#7 Chicago Brow Queen | Esthetician  

“Someone once asked to keep the wax strips from her bikini wax to create an art piece for her boyfriend.”

#8 Jazitup | Stylist

“The wackiest request I have ever received from a client was to do half of their head while the other half was done by someone else…. I do not touch other people’s work.”

#9 Candace Walker | Esthetician  

“Someone once wanted to snapchat getting a chest wax with me. It was pretty unusual!”

#10 Sal Salcedo | Stylist

Someone once asked me to give her an “air cut.” She had come in two weeks prior and felt so good about the whole experience that, once she was going through a lot of stress, she just wanted to simulate a haircut experience.

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