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Tiffany Everett’s passion for self-expression led her on a journey of creative exploration. As a child, she fearlessly experimented with inventive techniques to pamper her nails, using them as a canvas to showcase her unique personal style. Determined, she transformed everyday objects into remarkable nail tools that reflected her unique style. Tiffany’s resourcefulness knew no bounds, from repurposing price stickers to fashioning nail extensions to crafting the perfect nail brush using broom bristles. Reflecting on those days, Tiffany reminisces, “I didn’t have what is accessible now. I didn’t have that then, so I had to be very creative and innovative. I had to be very resourceful with things that were in the house.” 

Now, she is a successful nail artist in Atlanta, GA. As Tiffany’s expertise in the nail industry blossomed, so did her commitment to honing her craft. She finds inspiration around her and keeps her creativity going when crafting nail designs for her clients. “I’ve always been out of the box. I’ve always been light years ahead. I remember doing designs they’re just now starting to do…” she says. Not only did she expand her business, but she also cultivated a strong presence on social media. Her captivating work has caught the attention of numerous celebrities, including icons like Missy Elliot and Teyana Taylor. 

Her first introduction to StyleSeat involved a recommendation by a stylist. She was balancing two appointment books and was looking for a solution to organize her business. “I was like, oh, wow! Something that books for you, and people can book their own appointments? I had to get this,” expresses Tiffany. Since then, she has been using StyleSeat to grow her clientele and organize all of her business needs. StyleSeat has kept her in the know of her business finances, from tracking revenue to instant deposits. “It kept track of my money, it was like having an accountant in the palm of my hand.” Smart Pricing stands out as one of her most cherished features. “Our time is valuable. For StyleSeat to initially and automatically tell you that you deserve 20% more because you get booked a lot at this time or this time has passed your business hours, so you deserve to get more. I love that,” says Tiffany. 

Seeing her remarkable success with StyleSeat is truly inspiring, prompting us to inquire about her advice for StyleSeat Pros. She strongly encourages StyleSeat professionals to use the platform. “Look at the blogs, all of the information that StyleSeat has to provide to excel with marketing, marketing campaigns, and everything. Utilize the entire app so you can get the most out of your business,” she explains. “Stick with it, use it, utilize it.” 

As Tiffany’s business thrives and her innovative nail designs continue gaining recognition, she finds herself excited for the future. Alongside this anticipation, she takes immense joy in witnessing the impact of her contributions on the nail industry as a whole. “I feel like I’m a pioneer in this industry,” she reflects excitedly.

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