Who said you couldn’t look stylish on a budget? Your expenses can add up quickly with holiday shopping, events, and traveling. But there’s a way for you to look great this holiday season while saving money on your beauty and grooming appointments. Check out these steps to look great and feel confident about your beauty budget.

Get inspiration from StyleSeat

There’s so much inspiration across StyleSeat. When finding your perfect StyleSeat professional, take a look at the photo gallery on their profile. These galleries usually have their latest work and service names associated, so you’ll know exactly what to book. You can see photos from clients that received that service, along with a review.

You’ll also find popular beauty and grooming looks and the latest trends on the StyleSeat blog and social media. In addition, we always feature the go-to styles of the seasons and even share Pro advice on choosing the best look for you and how to maintain it. We have you covered to look your best in hair, nails, makeup, haircuts, and more. 

Plan and book your services in advance

The holiday season is the busiest time of year, especially for your beauty and grooming squad. Be sure to book your services early for a guaranteed spot in their chairs. If you’re not happy with your scheduled spot, there’s still hope! Keep an eye out for your phone notifications for any last-minute cancellations from your Pro, where you can get an appointment even sooner. 

Be strategic with scheduling services

It’s essential to take the time to plan out your beauty and grooming services for the season. First, have your social calendar next to you so you can have the dates of the events. Next, look at your professional’s calendar to align your services with the social events so you can book your appointments. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you get your hair professionally colored and love services like highlights or full color, plan accordingly for any root growth you don’t want to show.
  • Now that it’s cooler, silk press season is finally here! If you want to rock your silk press for a few weeks during the holiday season, schedule a trim with your service for fresh ends and consider adding curls to enhance volume and for your silk press to last longer. 
  • Try to schedule your lash or brow appointments close to your social events to avoid early growth or lashes falling from your set. If possible, see if your Pro offers touch-up services where you can quickly visit between events. 
  • For your fade or any haircut from your barber, ask for your cut to be a tad bit shorter if you know you won’t be able to see your barber frequently this season. However, only make this request if you are sure of the length and know your barber can give you the haircut you want.
  • If you think you’ll be stretching your nail appointments, try a solid nail color for long-lasting wear, grab some cuticle oil on the way home to apply daily, and bring your own polish if you have natural nails for touch-ups.

Plan a beauty and grooming budget

This time of the year can get expensive and add additional financial stress, so it’s essential to look and feel good about the money you’re spending on your beauty and grooming appointments. Plan an amount you feel comfortable spending on your appointments and try to plan services with long-lasting results if you want to avoid multiple visits during the season. We have partnered with Klarna to offer a Style Now, Pay Later, so you can book beauty and wellness services, spread out the costs, and not worry about a hefty bill.

Shine bright this holiday season with a new look!

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