Phishing scams can have a devastating effect on small businesses and unfortunately, they’re pretty common. Scam artists today are crafty and can fool even the most experienced business owners into clicking dangerous links that end up costing them thousands of dollars. As an independent professional, you’re likely juggling multiple responsibilities and can’t afford to make that mistake. Here are some tips to help you stay alert and protect your business from fraudsters.


  • Phishing scams are fraudulent emails that appear to come from legitimate sources. They may look like an email from your bank, your friends, your family, or even from StyleSeat.
  • Scammers use these emails to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting victims.
  • This sensitive information can be used to steal money and in some cases, the victim’s identity.


  • Emails that seem urgent and ask you to take action immediately.
  • Emails that ask you to “click a link” to verify your information. Sometimes it only takes one “click” for a scammer to steal your information.
  • Emails that ask you to enter private information like a SSN, credit card number, or login information.
  • Here are some additional examples.


  • Do NOT click on any links if you are unsure about them.
  • Only read emails in plain text. Phishing emails often contain clickable images that, when clicked, can have devastating consequences.
  • Forward any suspicious emails to if you want to verify them.
  • All legitimate emails from StyleSeat will end in “”.

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