Instagram is Free Advertising 

Why do you want people to take photos of your business? Two words — free advertising. Clients turn to social media for everything from recommendations to inspiration. When clients post a photo of your barbershop, their freshly shaped brows, or a selfie of their glowing skin right after a facial they’re reaching an audience of friends and family who trust their opinion.

When clients post photos of your business, it helps drive your online reputation. So, what makes users want to share your business online? An Instagram-worthy space. Make it easy for clients to promote your business by making your business more “Instagramable” — here’s how.

Display your Social Media Info

Make it easy for your clients to tag your business by displaying your social media information in your shop. Easily post your social handle in your salon by adding it to your courtesy wifi sign and placing it in a frame that matches the aesthetic of your business.

Pro tip: While you don’t have to ask them to do so, clients will be more likely to post a photo if you include a Call-To-Action. Your sign could simply say “Tag us on Instagram” and that small change in language lets your clients know you appreciate client selfies.

Invest in Good Lighting 

Good lighting is everything. If you have a large window in your salon space, take advantage of the natural light by creating a designated photo wall. If your business environment is dark, invest in a ring light or a neon sign to amplify your salon photography.

Additionally, a clean business will make your salon backdrop even more appealing. Declutter your space to reduce noise and ensure you always have a backdrop that is photo-ready for clients.

Get Creative with Decor 

Why do experiences like the Museum of Ice Cream and 29 Rooms blow up our Instagram feed? Simply put, they’re Instagramble. They are immersive, visually appealing exhibits that people love to capture on the ‘gram.

At the end of the day, you want to create a space where your clients want to take a photo. This comes down to creative decor. What would you take a photo in front of? What is unique and fun about your business? Maybe you have a beautiful waiting room with a unique couch. Or floor to ceiling wall art, mirrors, or great hanging plants. Take a look at your places you’ve taken photos of in the past and decide what made them memorable. How can you recreate this energy in your salon? Something as simple as a plant stand or an accent wall can up your Instagram game.

Create a Photo Wall

With good lighting and a creative backdrop, you can designate a space in your salon as the Instagram Wall. You can even up your branding strategy by hanging a sign with your salon name or Instagram handle to make it even easier for your client following to spot your business.

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