Arguably the biggest challenge for beauty professionals is finding new clients. Getting clients to your booking page is only half the battle, converting them to a client once they’re there comes down to optimizing your profile. Explore ways to update your profile to attract new clients and get them to book below.

Add Photos and Descriptions

Photos are one of the most important factors for new clients when it comes to booking a new professional. Having a fresh and professional gallery with updated photos is one of the best ways to encourage new clients to book. Take advantage of tools like Instagram Auto Sync to automatically pull all of your photos from Instagram and easily curate a portfolio on StyleSeat. Once you have photos in your gallery, add a description to each shot. This will allow clients to sort your photos by a particular service and quickly see your work.

Pin Your Top Review

Today, clients do their research. They read reviews, research salons, and browse comments all before booking. Making reviews one of the best forms of salon marketing. Not only do great reviews encourage new clients to book, according to a study on WebFeat, returning clients are likely to spend 31% more on a business with great reviews. To capture your client’s attention right off the bat, pin your best review to the top of your profile.

Add Service Descriptions

When it comes to your Service Menu, new clients are more likely to book a service that has a description. To capture new clients, take the time to add a description to all of the services listed on your StyleSeat profile. This is your chance to describe what a service is, what clients can expect, and what makes your technique different. When writing captions, be as descriptive as possible, lose the caps lock, and be sure to highlight what makes you unique.

Update Your Hours & Availability

When a new client lands on your profile, you want to make sure they have an accurate picture of your availability. Keeping your hours updated will give you the greatest chance of capturing new clients and prevent you from having to reschedule any new customers right off the bat.

Need help with setting up your profile? Learn how to set up your business on StyleSeat. 

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