In the age of swiping and scrolling through the internet, clients expect to get all the information they need about a person in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s important to hook potential clients the moment they land on your booking page with an awesome client review. That’s where your “pin” button comes in.

In addition to displaying a cover photo that shows off your work, you can now pin your best client review to the top of your booking page by tapping the pin button next to any review. 


As a business owner, you know authentic client reviews are one of the best forms of marketing. Not only will great reviews encourage new clients to book, according to a study on WebFeat, regular clients are likely to spend 31% more on a business with great reviews. You probably have a collection of reviews at this point: some will just be star reviews without text, some will be nice but not marketing worthy, and you might even have a couple negative reviews (it happens to everyone), but why not make sure potential clients see your most stellar review right off the bat? That’s why we’re giving you the power to choose which reviews potential clients see when they land on your page.

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Clients don’t want to scroll through your reviews anyway. They want the most helpful information they can get as fast as possible. Remember, if most of your clients are using technology on a regular basis, everything is about convenience for them. They can always scroll down to read more reviews if they’re interested, but this way, you’ve done most of the work for them.

You already know who your ideal clients are — you know, the ones who show up on time, love your services, and recommend you to their friends? The best way to attract those types of clients is to post a review from an ideal client you already have.


This “pin” feature is a real branding opportunity for you. Don’t be afraid to ask one of your loyal clients to leave a new review after her next appointment. Let her know about the new feature and offer to write her a sample review she can revise/tweak. This is common practice — just like writing your own recommendation letters. Only your client will be able to post the actual review (we want to make sure every review is legitimate), but you can certainly send her suggestions. Again, she’ll be happy you did the work for her.  

Remember, reviews build your reputation as a professional and they build trust and confidence in potential clients. No matter how impressive your about me section might be or how awesome your photos are, there’s nothing more powerful than a positive review from a happy client. With the pin button, you can put that powerful piece of marketing to work. Now, go look through your reviews, find the one that would make YOU book with you ; ) and tap that pin button.

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