Today, clients expect to get the information they need in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s important to hook potential clients the moment they land on your StyleSeat page. Learn how to make a lasting first impression by showcasing your best review.

How it Works

Pin your best client review to the top of your booking page by tapping the pin button next to any review. This will add your favorite review to the top of your profile just underneath the About Me section, allowing clients to see your glowing feedback as soon as they land on your page.

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Put Your Best Review Forward 

In the age of technology, everything is about convenience. As a result, clients don’t want to scroll through all of your reviews, instead, they want to get the most helpful information as fast as possible. By pinning your best review, you can give clients the information they need right off the bat. Clients can always scroll down to read more of your reviews if they’re interested, but this way, you’ve done most of the work for them.

Reviews are Free Branding

Pinning your best review is a great way to promote your brand. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask one of your best clients to leave a review and provide the sample copy for them to revise or tweak. This will help you get the information you want at the top of your page and your client can take it from there.

Remember, reviews bolster your reputation as a professional and build confidence in potential clients. No matter how impressive your About Me section may be or how professional your photos are, there’s nothing more powerful than a positive review from a happy client. With the pin button, you can put that powerful piece of marketing to work.

Want more glowing reviews? Explore what clients value most. Looking for tools to help you run your business? Try StyleSeat here.

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