From goddess braids, to fishtail braids, to dutch braids — this is one beauty trend that’s never going out of style. Braids have been around for centuries and they never fail to look cute, goddess-like, and polished. But here’s the thing, they’re kind of tricky to do yourself. So why not outsource this task to your man?

Inspired by Chris Pratt’s legendary talent for treating ladies to free styling, here’s a plea for all men to learn how to braid. 

Braiding is a Love Language 

First coined in a 1992 self-help book (and referenced on Hinge profiles far and wide) a love language is the specific way people like to express and receive love. Well guess what? Braiding a partner’s hair technically covers 3 of the 5 languages (Acts of service, Physical touch, Quality time). This means learning to braid makes you fluent in your partner’s needs. 

You Can Waste Less Time Online

We’ve all fallen down worse online video holes. Rather than spending hours watching your favorite band’s set from 2005 or another sports fail compilation, browse a few tutorials on how to braid. Sure it might confuse your algorithm but it’s for a great cause! 

Learning New Skills Keeps You Sharp 

There’s plenty of scholarly sources that say learning new skills keeps your brain sharp. Switching things up mentally can help you ward off things like long-term memory loss and dementia. Double bonus: learning new things with your partner is a great way to keep a relationship fresh. So switch it up from the latin dance classes and loud dinners out. Pour some wine, grab a brush and try something different together. 

Because, Why Not?

If you’re social distancing with your significant other, challenge yourself to learn some braids and kill some time. If anything, you’re guaranteed a good laugh.