Want to draw in new business and thank the clients you already have?

Run monthly specials.

Here’s why:

  • You can get creative and change them up each month.
  • You can offer as much or as little as you like.
  • It keeps clients thinking about you between services.
  • It lets clients promote you to their friends.
  • It shows your appreciation for your current clients.
  • It’s an incentive for potential clients.

Stylists who run monthly specials during holidays are always successful.

For example: in December, create a special that supports holiday trends.

  • Women are super busy attending parties during holidays — you can offer complimentary waves or curls with any color service or, you could offer a quick braid.

Here are our favorite ideas for specials that work.

  • Daring December: Are you ready for a new look? Any clients this month who are making a significant change in their cut and/or color will receive 20% off all hair products purchased to support their new look!
  • Pre Booking: All clients that pre book their next 3 appointments on StyleSeat will receive a complimentary 5 min scalp massage during each visit.
  • Invite a Friend: Double the beauty! Invite a friend during your next salon visit and you and your friend will enjoy $20 off your services.

All you have to do is come up with nine more and you will officially have your very own annual marketing plan! It’s that easy!

Share some specials you’ve run here and we’ll add them to our resource list.


Pepper Pastor | Celebrity Stylist

Check out Pepper’s profile here: styleseat.com/pepperpastor

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