Sometimes it’s good to get in touch with your roots — like giving your grandma a call. But when it comes to your hair, not so much. Since we’re far from the solace of our favorite beauty shops these days, here are the tips for a DIY root touch up.

Don’t Think You Have to Do Your Whole Head

Putting color on top of color can really dry out your hair (and make your colorists job a nightmare). Some professionals recommend avoiding the temptation of re-dying your entire head by solely focusing on your roots. Instead taking on a full dye job at home, turn your attention to your roots.

Try a Quick Fix

Products like spray-on root cover up or color powder are the VIPs of making you look nice for a short period of time. They’re easily found at drug stores and from online beauty retailers (like Sephora and Ulta) and can make your look pop for a FaceTime date or Zoom conference.

Temporarily Color with Gel

If you want a hue that will last through multiple washes you might want to opt for a gel color. Most gels are made with aquaxyl technology, which binds to your hair and helps retain moisture. Just apply to hair and let it sit for the directed amount of time. Unlike traditional dye, gel tends not to drip or stain so you can even get some house work done and move around while it’s setting. Then wash and condition your hair to seal in your new shade. 

Although the low cost of bleaching your hair at home can be tempting, it’s best to stick with gel and maintain that color. Bleach can be disastrous for your hair, clothes, and skin if you’ve never used it on your own before!

Still feeling iffy about taking your roots into your own hands? Schedule a virtual appointment with one of our hair professionals to walk you through the process at home.

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