The holiday season is here, so your calendar is filled with social events, and you want to look your best. Your beauty and grooming squad is taking care of you to make sure you’re shining bright all season. So how should you tip them during the holiday season? Find out what you should tip and why you should take care of your professionals during this busy season.

How much should I tip my Pro during the holiday season?

Generally, the average tip for a beauty and barber service should range between 15-20 percent. However, during the holiday season, it is common for clients to add an additional 10 to 30 percent to show appreciation for their professional. This amount usually ranges depending on whether they are new or returning clients that have been going to their expert for an extended period.

How can I tip for the holiday season? 

StyleSeat allows you to automatically tip your professional via the credit card on your account or contactless payment options like Tap to Pay on iPhone, after your appointment is completed. You can set it and forget it with a default tip amount that will be automatically charged 24 hours after your appointment ends or tip on the spot. If you want to leave something extra or less, you can adjust the tip amount during checkout.

How can I prepare to tip for beauty and grooming appointments this holiday season?

Get your appointment on your Pro’s calendar by scheduling your holiday appointments ahead of time. When booking your appointment, take note of the price of your service to prepare your tip amount and what you can afford. Plus, StyleSeat offers Book Now, Pay Later, where you can pay for your appointments in easy installments, which is a perfect way to gift yourself your favorite beauty service and your Pro a tip during the holiday season. 

What are the benefits of tipping your beauty and grooming professional?

Although tipping for a haircut, nails, barber service, other or services primarily benefits the professional, it’s also beneficial to you as the customer. Here are some of the things that a tip can do.

Builds strong relationships

One of the benefits of a good tip for a beauty service is that it builds strong relationships. The relationship between a beauty and grooming professional and a client is unique, and every bit of love goes a long way. 

Leads to better customer service

Beauty and grooming professionals strive to provide excellent customer service to their clients. However, there may be extra perks included by adding a tip. For example, you may have access to popular time slots that other clients prefer, or you’re the first to know when a new service or limited-time promotion is offered. If you stay consistent with the tips and keep adding value to your Pro, you might be more likely to snag some of those perks.

Makes your professional feel valued

A good tip for a beauty and grooming service does a lot for making your professional feel valued. Think of tipping as your way of saying thank you. It not only shows appreciation for the service your Pro has done, but it shows that you’re satisfied. 

What are other ways I can show appreciation towards my professional?

In a perfect world, we could all be top-notch tippers to show our appreciation. But tipping large amounts can be challenging, especially if you’re budgeting during this holiday season. If this is the case, there are other ways to show your stylist you care if the 20 percent tip seems out of budget.

Return visits 

Before you leave the salon, book your next appointment before heading out. That way, the professional knows you’re satisfied with the service and gives you additional time to budget for a tip during your next service.


If you love your Pro but can’t always offer a tip, send some referrals their way. Referring your family members and friends to your expert will help them with business and provide additional revenue. 


Giving your StyleSeat professional a 5-star review will make a lasting impact on their business. Take five minutes to share your experience and add photos of your new look to their StyleSeat profile. Your review can be the deciding factor between whether or not someone clicks that book button.

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