You take pride in your beauty and wellness. It’s a worthy investment in yourself and your life. But like all investments, beauty has to fit your budget. By the time you’ve paid the rent, filled the fridge, slayed the loans, and fed the cat, shelling out another lump sum for services like hair extensions, balayage highlights, braids, and more may feel more stressful than fun.

What if you could spread out the cost of those services over time, the way other important purchases are often handled? StyleSeat’s new Book Now, Pay Later payment option lets you break down total service costs into easy installments, so you can level up your style without leveling up your bill all at once.

StyleSeat is offering the Book Now, Pay Later option through our new partnership with Klarna. Here’s the lowdown on this new payment method and what it means for your style.

What is Klarna?

Businesses and service providers use Klarna to offer flexible payment options to clients. You pay through the Buy Now, Pay Later firm and it sends you reminders about upcoming payments. Klarna frees you from having to come up with the full amount on the day of your beauty or grooming service, but still ensures that your Pro gets paid. Win-win!

Book Now, Pay Later makes it easier for you to access services with larger price tags — so fluff up those eyelash extensions and indulge in your favorite facial treatments guilt-free! It also allows a contactless payment experience, which is a must-have feature since the pandemic.

How to Book the Style You Want Now and Pay Later

Booking with Klarna through StyleSeat couldn’t be easier! To get started…

  1. Log into your StyleSeat account. Klarna is only available to logged-in users for payment.
  2. Book your appointment through StyleSeat with your favorite Pro, as you normally would.
  3. On your usual StyleSeat booking screen, select Klarna as your “Payment Method.”
  4. Klarna will approve or decline the request. If you’re declined, you’ll need to choose another payment method. If approved, congratulations! You’re all done until the day of your appointment.

On the day of your scheduled appointment…

  • Enjoy your service. You deserve it!
  • At the end of the appointment, StyleSeat will make an authorization charge for the full amount, including your selected tip. You will not be asked to pay the full amount at this time.
  • Klarna will charge you 25 percent of the total once the appointment ends.
  • Every two weeks, Klarna will charge a further 25 percent until the total is paid off.

Keep in mind that if you must reschedule your Book Now, Pay Later appointment, you’ll need to select Klarna as your payment method again. Klarna’s payment authorization does not automatically “follow” your rescheduled appointment.

What else do I need to know about paying for beauty services?

Keep these pointers in mind as you schedule your pay-later appointment:

  • You can use Klarna to book any StyleSeat Pro who has enabled “Payments” on their StyleSeat account. If Klarna doesn’t appear automatically on the booking screen as a payment option, your Pro is probably not Payments-enabled and you’ll have to choose another method. Or, you can encourage them to adopt StyleSeat Payments because it’s super convenient.
  • Book Now, Pay Later appointments cannot be scheduled more than 28 days in the future.
  • You can Book Now, Pay Later for any appointment with a total cost between $40 and $1000.
  • You must be logged into StyleSeat to see the Klarna payment option.

Get a handle on your self-care budget and keep up with your beauty service calendar. Book Now, Pay Later makes it easy to plan and distribute payments in a way that makes sense with your monthly income and expenses.

Book your next beauty or grooming appointment today with StyleSeat.

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