Stop wasting valuable time.

When a client cancels an appointment, when you have a gap in your schedule or when you finish early, use that extra time to work on things like your marketing strategy or brushing up your technical skills.

Downtime can be seen as a bad thing, or you can use it wisely. That’s what a successful stylist does.

Next time you have downtime before you get sucked into your Instagram feed, make sure you’ve worked on everything in this list.


  • Promotions attract new clients and get existing clients to rebook.
  • Get out your calendar and plan your promotions for the year.
  • How did your last promotion perform? How can you improve it this time?
  • You can’t measure what you can’t manage.


  • Tell clients about a promotion, remind them to re-book, or let them know your schedule is filling up but you still have a few openings left — get that next appointment.
  • If you use StyleSeat’s email marketing tool, each campaign will have a direct link to your booking page.
  • Email campaigns are also a great way to get clients to leave reviews. Send out a campaign with instructions and offer a small incentive to every client who takes the time to leave you a review.


  • Getting a new client can cost 5-7 times more than keeping an existing one, so don’t neglect existing clients.
  • Loyalty programs make them feel appreciated, they encourage rebookings and they inspire clients to recommend you to friends and family.


  • With a referral program, clients do the marketing work for you.
  • Reward clients who bring you new customers with free services, free products, or discounted prices.


  • Look at your online business page and make sure your information is up-to-date.
  • Upload new client photos, your profile photo, take a better salon photo and include any new skills or experience in your bio.
  • For more detailed tips, check out this article: Top 5 Reasons Your Profile Might Suck


  • It’s your job to stay on top of trends in your industry. When clients want the coolest new cut or color, you need to deliver. They expect you to be informed on the latest techniques and products as well.
  • Be the expert and their go-to source for all things trending.
  • Follow StyleSeat on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to keep up with industry news.
  • Research educational courses, hair shows, and workshops in your area.
  • Watch tutorials and read product reviews.
  • Research your competition. What services do they offer that you don’t?


  • Start by organizing your space. A little straightening up can go a long way.
  • Offer your clients free wi-fi and create a fun display for the login information.
  • Place a water dispenser in your entryway with fresh sliced cucumbers, watermelon or limes.
  • Re-evaluate your decor. Is it time to get new mirrors, light fixtures, or curtains?
  • Make a selfie station. Make it easy for clients to promote you by creating a well-lit clean spot for them to take a selfie. Display your social handles so they can follow and tag you.
  • Research retail products. Do the products you offer fit your brand? Are they high-end, trendy, or organic? Do you offer products for your male clients as well?
  • Consider switching up your magazine subscriptions or getting a monitor.

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