While salons may be closed for the time being, there’s no doubt the beauty community is hustling to help clients look and feel their best. While we can’t physically be together, Virtual appointments serve as a creative way for clients and stylists to connect. But what if you can’t fit all of your styling guidance into one video call? With more time on our hands, now is the perfect time to help clients amp up their at-home beauty skills with a digital bootcamp.

What is a Digital Bootcamp?

In a digital bootcamp, you can help your clients master a new technique, trend, or tool over a series of live video calls. Hosting a multi-step bootcamp can help your clients learn something new, create a source of income, and keep your brand top of mind. With a progression of weekly live training, your clients can build their beauty education and step out of quarantine with new styles under their belt.

Plan Your Bootcamp 

Don’t know where to start? Ask your clients. Get feedback from your audience on social media through stories or live streams to hear exactly what your clients are thinking about during this time. Dedicate each week to mastering a new skill, technique, or product. Whether it’s hot tools, braids, or nail art, outline each session and the skills you’ll cover along with it. Depending on the steps you want to cover, consider hosting weekly or daily virtual classes. For inspiration, check out the Olive and June mani bootcamp.

Choose a Format

There are a few ways you can host your beauty bootcamp. If you want to engage your audience and boost brand awareness, consider hosting each session on social media. It’s accessible, easy to promote, and free for your clients. Set a scheduled time for your class and remind your followers to tune in, when the time comes you can easily launch a live stream and get to work.

You can also take the video conference route and charge your clients by the session or offer a bootcamp bundle and collect payment upfront. With a webinar format, you can include multiple clients at once and record your style course for later use. You can add your digital workshop to your Service Menu for easy sign-up and bring a professional element to each call by branding your video background.

Promote Your Bootcamp 

Market your bootcamp by encouraging clients to take advantage of this time to learn something new. You can advertise your bootcamp as a progression of skills — for example, week 1 you’ll learn the basics, week 2 you’ll add technique, and week 4 you’ll get fancy.

Once you have your bootcamp theme, get the word out for your mini beauty school by sending a mass email and highlighting your workshop on your social channels.

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