Slogans are an essential part of your tool kit when it comes to marketing your salon. As an entrepreneur, you might worry about the finer details of executing your business plan, like thinking of a catchy nail salon slogan that reflects the heart of your business.

When you join StyleSeat, we help market your salon to find new customers. But a good slogan helps you find customers offline, too. In this post, we’ll cover some strategies for thinking of your own slogan and give you some examples to get your creativity flowing.

How To Write a Nail Salon Slogan

 Image includes tips for creating an effective nail salon slogan

It’s going to take some trial and error to find a catchy nail salon slogan that works for your business. Slogans should generally:

  • Keep it a sentence or shorter: You want to catch customers’ attention quickly.
  • Make it easy to understand: Simple is better when it comes to slogans.
  • Communicate your services: Customers should know exactly what type of salon you are from your slogan.
  • Reflect your salon mission statement: Call attention to specialties like your luxury clientele or eco-friendly practices.

Beyond these best practices, you can do whatever you want with your slogan. Keep reading for our favorite tips and inspiration to help your nail salon slogan stand out.

General nail salon slogan ideas:

1. Do your nails, make your day

2. Life is short, nails don’t have to be

3. A fresh start with a fresh set

4. Nails that never fail

5. Nail your style

6. Step into luxury, walk out with style

7. Beauty is in your hands

8. Where every day is a good nail day

9. Polished to perfection

10. Service we swear by

11. Take your nails from drab to fab

12. Elicit nail envy

Play on Location

One of the easiest ways to set your nail salon slogan apart from others’ is to incorporate a reference to your location. Whether you use a local street name or incorporate your city’s name, this will help clients feel more at home and help build customer loyalty.

13. Luxury nails, small town prices

14. The best manicure on Main Street

15. The nails of your dreams in the city of your dreams

16. Get glammed on Grand Ave

17. The heart of your nail routine in the heart of the town

18. Number one in nail care at number three Market Street

19. The best-kept secret in the city

20. The only eco-friendly salon in town

21. Cedar Lane’s one-stop shop for all things nails

22. X City’s acrylic nail specialist

Hands show a gel manicure with design

Highlight Key Services

Do your nail techs love detail work? Do you offer the best dip manicure in town? Or maybe you’re known for throwing in a free shoulder massage with your manicures? Highlight it in your slogan! Use this as an opportunity to sell your top services, show off your specialty, and set your nail salon apart from competitors.

23. Manicures with allure

24. Polish your look, from fingers to toes

25. Painting perfection, one coat at a time

26. A pampering pedicure you deserve

27. Here to shape your set to perfection

28. Where nails are an art form

29. A manicure that lasts and service that’s fast

30. Our mission is to find your perfect nail technician

31. Top-notch color, one nail at a time

32. Artistic acrylics and glamorous gels

Person selects their nail color at a salon.

Keep It Trendy

Pop culture references can be hit or miss, but they’re very effective when done well. If you’re unsure about a specific pop culture reference and are using it on marketing materials such as business cards, order them in smaller batches to test out what works before committing to it. You can also use this opportunity to show off any nail trends your salon excels at.

33. #NailedIt

34. Nails that shine bright like a diamond

35. Put your best nails forward

36. Up your nail game, not your nail budget

37. Nail care is self-care

38. Treat yourself to trendy nails, every time

39. Healthy nails, happy you

40. Keep calm and Gel-X on

41. Picture-perfect nail art, just around the corner

42. Polish galore for endless possibilities

Image of nail salon

Use Wordplay

Love them or hate them, a clever pun makes a great slogan. In fact, it’s basically the one instance where no one complains about a play on words. Get creative and let the ideas flow here. Not feeling the puns? Try a clever rhyme or alliteration. If you’re stuck on ideas, work backward from a list of services or nail tools to see if any double entendres come to mind.

43. Nailing your look since 2002

44. Polish up real nice

45. For when other salons just don’t cut it

46. A manicure for a bad day

47. Keeping you on your toes 

48. Fighting for style — toe and nail

49. Give us a dial when you need a file

50. Beauty at your fingertips

51. Treat yourself from head to toenails

52. Your destination for picture-perfect pedicures

53. Tough as nails

54. Polish your life

55. We put the “cure” in pedicure

56. We nail it every time

57. The top coat of nail salons

It might take some trial and error to find a catchy nail salon slogan that fits your business, but don’t be afraid to take your time. You can always get your employees’ input or ask them for ideas if you’re unsure. Once you have your slogan down, join StyleSeat so you can focus on what you love and book more appointments.

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