Hair is one way of introducing yourself without saying anything, according to StyleSeat Pro LeiYohn, aka The Hairchanic. “People may look at your smile, at your sneakers, but with me, it’s the hair,” he explains. “It’s a freedom of expression.”

This is why braiding is more than just styling his Clients’ hair with a freestyle design inspired by pictures they liked on Instagram. It is an art form LeiYohn has perfected since his father taught him how to braid when he was 13. “It’s like a language that we speak and you have to know how to actually braid to speak it,” he says.

Create reliable Pro-Client connections

The Atlanta-based Pro’s braided hairstyles have helped him to build and keep a loyal client base that extends as far as Hollywood. Actor John Boyega is one of LeiYohn’s high-profile clients, and he styled the actor for his 2021 Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards wins.

LeiYohn’s attention to detail such as even hair parts have men and women clamoring for an appointment. However, he credits his “A1 customer service” for creating reliable connections. “I can’t make it awkward,” he says. “I just make them laugh. We’ll listen to music. It’s a vibe. I have a really nice view from my balcony, so we’ll turn the chair and let them zone out.”

Let StyleSeat do the busywork

Relying on StyleSeat to manage his marketing and scheduling needs also makes it really easy for LeiYohn to focus on his craft and not get bogged down by administrative tasks. “I am not organized at all,” he says. “People are like, ‘Hey! Do you have anything open?’ And I’m like, ‘There’s a Book Now tab in my bio that’ll send you right there.’ I don’t do calls, texts… because that’ll mess me up if I double-book.”

LeiYohn also likes the simplicity of creating a salon service menu that includes the prices for each hairstyle, service descriptions, and quality pictures. StyleSeat Pros with service-specific photos are 1.5 times likely to get new bookings.

Establish credibility with Client reviews

“Outside of the organization, the reviews are probably one of my favorite parts of StyleSeat,” says LeiYohn. “You get genuine people leaving reviews and they’re not generic [like], ‘Oh, hey, he was good.’ It’s like when you go take a class from a teacher that you’ve never taken but your friend has. That’s what the review section is for me in StyleSeat, and that is the best thing.”

Reviews are one of the top three things Clients consider when booking a new StyleSeat Pro.

Get paid what your time is really worth

The StyleSeat Pro had a Client who discovered him on Instagram, tap the “Book Now” button, and drove two hours from Augusta, GA for his appointment. When explaining how he set up his StyleSeat profile, the customer convinced LeiYohn to change all of his prices.

“He was like, ‘You’re way too good to be doing hair for $65.’ I understood that but I told him that $65 is reasonable for people who don’t have it,” says LeiYohn. But he told me, ‘That’ll separate the clients that really want to get their hair done and the clients that want to play and mess with your time.'”

Once LeiYohn started charging more for his services, he says he didn’t lose any clients. Instead, he gained more. For Pros who need guidance on understanding whether they are undercharging, StyleSeat has Smart Pricing technology that analyzes your business, prices, and client schedule to identify your most popular time slots and adjust rates according to market value.

Earning an income from one of his many skills and connecting with people from all walks of life puts LeiYohn in a class of his own. But the Pro says that his goal is to make Clients “feel like nobody can touch them” when they get up from his chair. Based on his 5-star reviews, we’d say he’s definitely achieved that.

Join StyleSeat and get paid what you are really worth.

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