As a stylist, you likely have some regulars on speed dial. While your clients might think this personal method is the fastest way to lock down an appointment, it can actually waste more time and create unhealthy expectations. Instead of going back and forth with your clients over the phone, explore the benefits of booking your regulars through StyleSeat.

Save Time

Booking appointments manually is time-consuming. If you book 25 appointments a day and spend five minutes of your time scheduling each appointment, that adds up to 10 hours a week! By allowing clients to book their own appointment, you can focus your time and energy where it matters most, helping clients look and feel their best.

Clients Can Book When They Want

Allowing regulars to self-book means you don’t have to be on call when clients make their appointment. Instead, clients can reserve their appointment out of your business hours and book with you 24/7. Allowing you to capture appointments even when no one is available to answer the phone. 

Better Communication 

If a client has to leave you a voicemail in order to book an appointment, there is no guarantee they’ll still need your services by the time you call them back. With online booking, you can stop playing phone tag and get your clients to commit to an appointment in one simple step. Instead of hashing out the detail over text, your client can easily see when you’re available and choose the time that works best for them. Plus all of your communication will be saved in one place.

Boost Your Reviews 

Booking your clients through StyleSeat gives them the opportunity to leave a review. As a regular, you can feel confident they’ll leave you glowing feedback that will endorse your services. Giving you free marketing to help book new clients. 

In the end, you don’t have to completely give up phone time with your regulars.  Once they book an appointment with you online, you can give them a follow-up call whenever it’s convenient for you.

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