FACT: On StyleSeat, client bookings increase more than 21 percent during the holidays.

If your marketing plan isn’t ready, you’re going to miss out on those “money-maker” months. Don’t wait until a few days the last minute. Here are tips to take advantage of the holiday rush, attract new clients, and make even more money this Halloween season.

Create a costume catalog

  • Create a catalog of all the Halloween looks you offer and display it in the salon. If you do special effects makeup or you’re a wig artist, great. If not, get creative. What do you currently offer that you can put a Halloween spin on?
  • Get ahead of the game. People are always looking for costume ideas. Who are the popular characters in the media right now and how can you create a look inspired by them? Here are a few ideas:

Use social media and email promotion

Halloween marketing social media promotion
  • Promote your Halloween services on social media and in an email marketing campaign. Be sure to include photos to inspire clients to book appointments for their Halloween looks.
  • Post a photo of your Halloween look to Instagram, use hashtags that describe your looks, and tag the StyleSeat Instagram account and other accounts that might repost your work. Use trends to your advantage — you never know what could go viral!

Create Halloween specials

  • Limited-time specials are more enticing to clients. Add a few Halloween-themed services/packages to get clients to try new things such as this bloody nail art:
  • People love anything pumpkin scented or flavored. Offer a couple of add-on services that are pumpkin spice scented like a hair treatment, foot scrub, or facial.
  • Use fun Halloween-themed names like: “To Dye For,” “Mummy Wrap,” “RIP Split Ends,” or “Monster Manicure.”
  • Offer a “Post-Halloween Detox” to recover from all the drinks and candy.
  • Promote it and upsell it to clients when they’re in the chair.

Be a Halloween destination

  • If your business is located in a good trick-or-treat spot, it’s time to turn on the hustle.
  • If your salon is family-friendly or your clientele includes young mothers and fathers, this is an especially great time to advertise.
  • Decorate your space, stock up on candy, and attach a special offer card to each Halloween treat.
  • Or, take it to the next level and offer branded goodies like pocket mirrors or combs.

We want to see your Halloween looks. Post your best costumes, makeup, nails, or hair, and tag @styleseat for a chance to be featured!

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