If you want to step up your marketing game while getting exposure to new clients using your hair stylist Instagram, it’s time to switch to an Instagram business account. If you’re still using a personal account, you’re missing out on strategic features that make it easier to connect with potential clients, encourage bookings, and improve your posts. Best of all, an IG business account is free to use. Explore all of the benefits of making the switch and how to use Instagram to better your business and showcase your client photo shoots to bring in business.

Contact Info

Personal Instagram pages only allow users to add one clickable link in their stylist bio. Your Instagram business bio can essentially serve as a mini FAQ section where potential clients can find everything they need to get in contact with you. With a business profile, you can add:

  • A link to your online booking page.
  • A button that allows clients to email you.
  • A button that allows them to call you.
  • And a button that allows them to get directions to your salon.


Once you switch to a beauty industry business account, you will be able to track important information about your followers, including:

  • How many people view your profile and how many decide to click the link to your booking site.
  • How old your followers are, if they are male or female, and what cities they live in.
  • Which photos get the most likes and comments over time.
  • How many views your Instastories get and when people rewatch them or swipe away.
  • Which days/times your posts get the most views.

Story Links

Story links are an extremely useful tool for professional hair stylists, that is unfortunately not available to everyone, is the Instastory link. It is great for showcasing cuts and color for potential clients. This tool can only be used from an Instagram business profile that has over 10,000 followers. If you don’t have that many followers yet, don’t sweat it, check out this article on how to build your brand on Instagram.

  • Once your account meets the requirements, a new “link” icon will appear in your Instastory toolbar.
  • After you click the “link” icon, paste your booking link in the empty field, and post.

  • People who view your Instastory will have the ability to swipe up to instantly visit the link.
  • This tool allows hair stylists to be more proactive. While you can post your booking page in your bio, a video of yourself in your salon or showcasing a client’s healthy hair, telling people to book is much more compelling.
  • Next time you post a video letting followers know you have a last-minute opening, a good tip is to add a link to your booking page and tell them to “swipe up” to book an appointment for your styling or other services.
  • Don’t forget to use StyleSeat stickers to decorate your story and hair stylist Instagram.

Run Social Ads

As a hairdresser, Instagram business accounts also allow you to run simple targeted ads with clickable links that direct clients straight to your booking page. This is a great way to drive new visitors to your profile to book an appointment on your hair stylist Instagram. You can choose any original photo or video you’ve posted and target Instagram users near your address. You can change your action button to say Book Now, you can set your budget and you can choose how long to run the ad. Luckily, you don’t have to be a marketing wizard in order to find new clients. Let StyleSeat run your ads for you with our Marketing Program.

Add Call to Action Buttons

Most importantly, an Instagram business profile allows you to add action buttons like the coveted Book Now. Allowing followers to book you without leaving Instagram creates a seamless experience for clients and a higher conversion for you. Plus, a clear call to action cuts out back and forth phone calls, voicemails, and even extra clicks. Need help adding the Book Now button? Check out our troubleshooting article here.

If you need help switching to a business profile, here’s a quick video with instructions.

Whether you are trying to build your brand or provide a better experience for your clients, it is essential to create a business account for your hair stylist Instagram.

Looking for tools to help you run your business? Try StyleSeat here.

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