The perfect photo of a curled set of lashes, the ultimate how-to video, or a tip on lash application technique — the social media pros have it down with the content they share across Instagram. 

Luckily, for those wondering how to grow lash Instagram success, you’re in the right place! With some simple tips for improving your bio, raising your following, and posting quality content — you can scale your business and grow your brand. 

And the good news is — there’s no better time than today to start posting your content and reaping the rewards.

Improve Your Bio

One of the first things a potential customer will see on your Instagram lash business account is your bio. Your bio gives the viewer a glimpse of what they can expect from your particular profile. Here’s how to make it stand out.

Narrow Down Your Specialty 

Do you specialize in cat-eye eyelash extensions, glamour sets, or colored highlights like violet or navy to bring out the clients’ iris? What kind of lash curl and application method do you use? Although you can keep things general, a customer who knows the types of lash extensions you offer may be more likely to follow your profile.

Add a Website Link

Whether you’re linking to your StyleSeat profile or another personal website, adding a link to your Instagram bio is a good way to promote yourself as a lash stylist. Alternatively, you can also link to your Facebook page or the main site of your lash studio.

Show Your Personality

When people view your Instagram profile, they’ll make a first impression fast. Within a few seconds, they’ll scan your content and decide whether or not they want to follow you. Although this can seem intimidating, it’s also a good reason to let your personality shine. What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd as a business or salon owner? If your potential customer connects with you, they’re more likely to click “follow” and hopefully, click that “book now” button, too.

Build Your Following

Building your following on Instagram is one of the best ways to get more business as a lash stylist. As your following increases, your page will get more visits and your brand awareness will increase.

But — what’s the magic trick to gaining more followers and growing your presence? 

Work with Influencers

As of recent years, influencer marketing is a whole new breed of marketing. When you work with an influencer, they’re able to promote your product or beauty business and share it with their fans and followers. Through their own Instagram profile, influencers can help you to build yours. This can be done through both paid work and trade work. Influencer outreach is a great eyelash extension advertisement idea that will help boost your business. 


Cross-promotion is a fun way to get out there and get engaged with potential clients. In the lashes business, there are tons of ways to cross-promote with products you’re passionate about. 

  • Have a glue you love, high-quality mink lashes, a brow brush, or tweezers? 
  • How about a makeup artist whose social feed you admire or a fellow lash studio/friend you’d like to give a shoutout to?

With cross-promotion, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there with products and people. Using your social media platform to spread the word will help engage your customers and boost your small business. 

Stay Consistent on Social Media

Building consistency helps with Instagram engagement. It gives your followers insight into your posting schedule and lets them know what they can expect from you. In turn, this helps to build both your audience and your brand. To help stay consistent, ask yourself what keeps you motivated? From there, you can work toward the finer details, like content calendars, layout, and scheduling. 

Engage with Your Community

Part of how to grow lash Instagram accounts rests in engaging with your community. Whether it’s an Instagram story or a picture you’re posting, your profile gives your community a chance to interact. They may comment with a story, an anecdote, or a question, all of which prompt a reply from you, as the lash extension artist. Taking a few moments out of your day to reply back with an authentic tidbit of engagement will go a long way in building — and maintaining — your audience. 

Optimize Your Profile for Bookings

If you’ve seen a successful lash business or beauty business profile lately and wondering where they got that “book now button”, you’re not alone. Adding a book now button is a wonderful way to optimize your profile for bookings and keep things looking professional. 

Instagram partnered with StyleSeat and a few other booking platforms to offer this feature to barbers, stylists, estheticians, and other independent professionals who use online booking and scheduling apps to power their business. With over 200 million people visiting Instagram business profiles daily, we know what a big impact this call-to-action button can have on turning those profile views into booked appointments.

To set yourself up for Instagram bookings, learn how to add the Instagram book button.

Use Hashtags

When you’re fine-tuning your Instagram lash business plan, hashtags are a good way to go. Essentially, if you’re new to the world of hashtags, what they do is categorize your content around a specific theme.

This means that anyone searching for “#lashartist” will be able to find your content — if that’s the hashtag you use. Keep your hashtags relevant, so that they can get grouped with the right kind of content. 

Here are some tips for hashtagging.

  • Make it Specific: Specific and relevant hashtags will help ensure your content gets grouped correctly. It’s also a good idea to be intentional with the number of hashtags you use and to not string too many words together. 
  • Use a Public Account: If your account is currently private, your hashtags won’t show up publicly on the hashtag page. So, if you want your hashtags to be seen by people other than your friends, you’ll have to switch from private to public.

Post Quality Content

It might seem like it goes without saying, but posting quality content is crucial (no one wants to see a photo of blurry lashes or a messy salon, after all). Before you post your content, ask yourself whether or not it passes the quality test. If it doesn’t, here are some things to help build your content and your lash brand.

Shooting Photos

Not every lash artist is a photographer and we totally get that. But there are certain photo techniques you can implement to draw in your target audience and make your Instagram account shine. Whether you’re shooting with your camera or your phone, you want to think about photo composition. This is the way that certain elements in your photo are arranged. The right composition means that the photo is more interesting to the viewer. 

Editing Photos

Shooting photos is one thing — editing them is another. Editing your images can take a blah photo to a beautiful photo. It’s also the thing that gives your brand a specific aesthetic and makes your profile recognizable as your followers scroll through their feeds. If you’re new to editing, there are lots of apps out there that help speed up the process with something called a “preset”. Whether it’s a vibrant and colorful shot you’re going for, or something more subdued and romantic, a preset will help to get you there. 

How-To Videos

How-to videos and beauty tutorials are in popular demand on Instagram and social media platforms. As an expert eyelash artist, one of the best pieces of quality content you can post is a “how-to” video. This not only establishes you as a leader in your industry, but it gives your audience a reason to click “follow” and continue to stay engaged with your content and your brand moving forward. 

Create a Schedule

Like any work effort, creating a schedule for your lash biz social media is important. As you work toward how to grow lash Instagram, having a schedule will keep you on track and ensure consistency. 

Without it, you run the risk of saying — I’ll just do it tomorrow. Life gets busy and we all get tired and procrastinate. But with a schedule, you’re more likely to stay in the habit of your daily or weekly posts. 

Today, there are plenty of social media calendars that can help you to plan and execute your social strategy. Social media is all about streamlining the process. You want your plan to be both easy to implement and visually effective. 

For some good tips on social media content planning, learn how to create a social media content calendar (and grab some templates) from Hootsuite. 

Guaranteed Business Growth With StyleSeat

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