You might remember the name Lorraine Massey if you’re familiar with the curly girl method — a curly hair care routine created by Massey in 2011 that gained viral attention on TikTok in the 2020s. But that’s not her only contribution to curl culture. Massey also co-founded DevaChan Salon and DevaCurl products with Denis Da Silva. Together, they created the Deva cut. So what is a Deva cut?

A Deva cut is a type of haircut where a stylist tailors the cut to the client’s individual curl pattern. This technique gives you the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle to show off your natural texture.

What is a Deva cut?

A Deva cut is a type of haircut for curly hair. Unlike a traditional haircut where hair is washed, cut, then styled, your stylist will cut your hair after it’s washed and styled. Your stylist will also cut each curl individually instead of cutting hair in sections.

This cut avoids the dreaded “triangle cut,” where curly hair looks perfect while it’s damp, then dries with too much volume at the bottom. Because your hair is already dry and styled when you get a Deva cut, you’ll have a much better idea of how your hair will look when you style it at home. 

Dry cutting curl-by-curl also preserves your curl pattern, making the cut work for your natural texture. This reduces your style time at home because your haircut strategically works with your curl pattern instead of needing to spend hours styling your hair in a specific way.

Who should consider a Deva cut?

Deva cuts don’t suit straight hair but can work for wavy, curly, and coily hair textures.

The Deva cut works best for people with wavy, curly, or coily hair textures. It doesn’t work for straight hair because the technique involves cutting curl-by-curl, which isn’t possible on straight hair. If a person with straight hair got a Deva cut, it might look choppy and uneven. If you’re unsure of your hair texture, take our hair type quiz for guidance.

While Deva cuts work great on wavy to coily hair, they’re not for everyone. Deva cuts tend to be a shorter style, so if you value your hair length, it might not work for you. The cut creates face-framing pieces with lots of volume, which looks great on medium and short hair lengths. If you’re not sure if a Deva cut is what you’re looking for, talk to your stylist to see what they think.

How much does a Deva cut cost?

The average cost for a Deva cut on StyleSeat is $117, with costs ranging from $55 to $156. Some factors that affect the price of your cut include:

  • Cost of living in salon location
  • Your hair type
  • Haircut goals
  • Potential service add-ons
  • If you wash and style at home
  • If this is your first Deva cut appointment

Deva cut pros and cons

If you’re on the fence about trying out a Deva cut, here are some things to consider.

Deva Cut ProsDeva Cut Cons
● Is a low-maintenance wash-and-go style
● Works with hair’s natural shape and texture
● Hair looks healthier and has more volume
● Accounts for hair shrinkage
● Frames face and adds volume
● Can look uneven when hair is straightened
● Haircut may not work if styling routine or hair texture changes
● Doesn’t work as well on straight or long hair

Deva cut before & after

A Deva cut won’t make your hair curlier, but it can make your curls look more defined. Check out this example below of how a Deva cut can revitalize your curls.

Image shows before and after of a Deva cut.
Susan Waggoner

How to take care of your hair after a Deva cut

After your Deva cut, follow the curly girl method and try these tips:

  • Use a low- or no-sulfate shampoo
  • Apply styling products to wet hair
  • Detangle gently with fingers or a wide-tooth comb
  • Deep condition regularly
  • Minimize heat styling

Deva cuts are meant to be relatively low maintenance, so they require little to no blow-drying. Choose a stylist you feel comfortable asking questions so they can give you their personalized advice on how to keep your Deva cut looking fresh between salon visits.

Image shows care tips for maintaining a Deva cut.

How can I learn how to Deva cut?

To become certified to perform Deva cuts, you’ll need to learn from the official DevaChan resources. Though the original DevaChan Salon in SoHo is permanently closed, you can still visit other locations for in-person classes or take them online. There are even some free resources if you’re curious about learning more without investing in a course.

There are also other ways you can learn to cut curly hair better, though it’s technically not a Deva cut without DevaChan training. You can research and take courses elsewhere to learn more about curly hair.

If you’d like to broaden your horizons as a stylist, you could also consider offering discounted curly cuts to clients until you’ve got more experience. If you go this route, be upfront with clients that you’re still learning and be honest about your limitations if you’re not able to give them the haircut they’d like.


What’s the difference between a curly cut and a Deva cut?

A Deva cut is a haircutting technique performed by someone who attended classes through DevaChan Salon. A curly cut is any type of haircut that’s meant to enhance curly hair. Deva cuts are always done on dry hair, which makes them different from other curly cuts.

What are the benefits of a Deva cut?

Deva cuts were invented to minimize hair damage for people with curly hair and highlight their natural curl pattern. Your stylist should work with your hair dry after following your styling routine, which means you shouldn’t have to change up your regular routine too much for great hair. For many clients, a Deva cut gives them healthier, low-maintenance curls with lots of volume.

Is a Deva cut for straight hair?

Deva cuts don’t work well for straight hair because they’re meant to enhance curls. On straight hair, a Deva cut might look choppy and uneven.

Is a Deva cut worth it for wavy hair?

If you enjoy a low-maintenance hairstyle that will work with your natural hair, a Deva cut is a great choice for wavy hair. However, if you straighten your hair often, then a Deva cut might not be a good choice for you.

How long does a Deva cut take?

Your first Deva cut can take around two hours, as your stylist will take the time to evaluate your texture, hair goals, and personalize your cut. After that, haircut appointments will usually be shorter because your stylist will know your hair texture better.

Embark on your natural hair journey with StyleSeat

If you’re looking to embrace your natural texture, a Deva cut can help you achieve defined, voluminous curls without a 10-step styling routine. Get in touch with a stylist today to explore your hair’s potential.

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