A blowout is a way that your hair can be dried and styled to keep it smooth and frizz-free. Your stylist will use blow dryers, brushes, and various hair products to keep your tresses in place. If you’re wondering what a blowout is, we discuss the process and the various kinds of blowouts you can get based on your hair needs.

what is the standard blowout process

What Is the Standard Blowout Process?

A standard blowout service will usually follow these steps: 

  1. Your stylist will wash and condition your hair. This helps get rid of any grease or tangles in your natural hair that could ruin your final look. 
  2. Your hairstylist will add some heat protectant or detangler to keep your hair moisturized and to prevent heat damage while it’s blow-dried. 
  3. Your stylist will then section your hair. While they complete the process, your stylist will dry and style your hair in sections, so that they can use the right styling tools, such as a round brush and product, to perfect your look.
  4. Your stylist might use hot tools to give your hair some added dimension. These could include flat irons if you have curly hair or curling irons if you have straight hair. What they use depends on the texture of your hair and the desired style you want.
  5. As a final touch, you may have styling products added to your hair to keep the look of your newly styled hair lasting longer. 

How Will Your Hair Look After a Blowout?

Your hair should have a shiny, glossy look and be smooth and free from tangles. The blowout will also give your hair some added dimension, without any extra frizz.

Before and after:

before and after blowout
Stylist: Keiona Dale

Before and after:

before and after a blowout
Stylist: Kim Pender

How Long Does a Blowout Last?

Blowouts typically last anywhere between three to six days, with your added volume and shape remaining intact. If your hair doesn’t get oily quickly or you refrain from washing your hair, it could last longer. If you have dry hair, your hair could retain the blowout’s volume and shape for up to 10 days. 

how long does a blowout last

Longer-Lasting Types of Blowouts

If your hair is naturally curly or coarse, you may want one that lasts longer. You can achieve that lasting look with either a Brazilian or Dominican blowout. 

Brazilian Blowout

A Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent keratin hair treatment that can last up to three months. By using semi-permanent keratin, your hair will be smoothed and straightened. Your stylist will further straighten your hair by using a flat iron, which seals the keratin formula into your hair. 

Dominican Blowout

A Dominican blowout doesn’t use keratin but is still a longer-lasting blowout, lasting up to a week or longer. To give you a Dominican blowout, your stylist will use conditioners and curlers to straighten and smooth your hair, before being blown out and wrapped. This process uses fewer chemicals than the Brazilian. 

How Much Does a Blowout Cost?

Blowouts can range from $40 to $100. The price of your blowout will increase if you add some extra services like a silk press or if you get a specific blowout like a Brazilian. 

How Long Does a Blowout Take?

A blowout hair treatment usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Your stylist only needs time to wash, dry, and style your hair. If you are getting a Brazilian blowout, it can take up to 90 minutes to complete since there’s a keratin treatment involved too.

How to Make Your Blowout Last

While the amount of time your salon blowout lasts will depend on your hair type, there are still some ways you can adjust your hair care routine to preserve your blowout for a few extra days.

how to make your blowout last
  • Protect your hair with silk hair ties and satin pillowcases. Use silk ties to keep your hair up, since putting your hair up and avoiding touching it will help it last longer. Consider sleeping on a satin pillowcase, too, since satin helps prevent frizz and breakage, compared to regular cotton cases. 
  • Use a shower cap. Shower caps work against humidity or excess moisture and prevent frizz. If your area is incredibly humid, you can spray a leave-in treatment that fights humidity and frizz. 
  • Revive your hair with styling tools. If your hair type is medium to thin, you can use rollers or a curling iron to keep your new hairdo intact. You can also use a hairdryer at the roots of your hair to help your new hairstyle look as fresh as the day you got it. 
  • Avoid sweaty activities. Avoid activities that make you sweat the first few days, since washing your hair will ruin your new look. You could use dry shampoo should the need arise, but once you wash your hair, you’ll wash away all chances of a long-lasting style. 

Find a Stylist Near You

Whether you want a regular blowout or a longer-lasting one like the Brazilian, you need to find a hairstylist that fits you and your hair’s needs. StyleSeat helps you find a stylist or hair salon near you that will help you achieve the look you want.

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