Today, client reviews are essential. Reviews boost credibility, serve as free marketing, and increase bookings. In fact, 88% of people trust online reviews and won’t make a purchase (or booking) without them. So, what prompts clients to leave glowing feedback? We analyzed thousands of StyleSeat reviews to learn what clients value most. Explore what matters to clients and how to leverage that insight to earn more 5-star reviews.

Clients Value Listening

It’s no secret that beauty is intimate. According to our data, clients value emotional support as much as professional talent. Top professionals (those who had an average 4.96 rating in over 74 reviews) had reviews that highlighted the following traits: personable, passionate, listens, and listened. In fact, listens and listened appears 40% more often in top pro reviews.

Clients Value Attention to Detail

Clients take note of your thoroughness. Top reviewed professionals had reviews that praised painless, meticulous, thorough, and attentive experiences. While the following words were less common in reviews: atmosphere, pleasant, patient, professional, friendly, welcoming, efficient, and gentle.

Overall, client reviews tend to focus on the characteristics of the salon and their professional’s personality rather than the specific service or outcome. What matters most to clients is the experience and the attention to detail. Clients appreciate it when they feel they’re being heard and they know they’re in good hands. As a result, they’re more likely to leave a review.

How to Encourage Clients to Leave a Review

Don’t be afraid to ask in person. The biggest reason clients don’t leave a review is simply because they were never asked. Clients don’t inherently know how important reviews are unless you make it clear. The most effective way to capture a review is to ask them in person. Ask your clients while you have their undivided attention in the chair. After spending an hour or so helping them look and feel their best, they’ll be happy to sing your praises.

Alternatively, after your appointment, you can prompt your client to leave a review in a follow-up email. Send them a personal note with step-by-step instructions. Or, make it even easier by sending them a sample template review that they can edit or tweak as they wish.

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