Being Insta famous is great, but can you get your Instagram followers to book appointments? Don’t get us wrong, building an online presence is important for professionals in the beauty/barber industry. Social media accounts help build credibility and they offer an easy way to connect and interact with potential clients. In fact, most clients today will check a stylist’s Instagram account before they even consider booking with them.

But, no matter how much effort you put into growing your following, likes and comments aren’t going to pay the bills. Your main goal should always be to find ways to convert those followers into clients.

Here are 3 ways to make the most out of your followers.


It’s great to have as many followers as possible, but don’t waste time targeting people who will never become clients.

  • Be authentic. Your social profiles should be an honest reflection of your ability and your aesthetic. Remember, you want to attract followers who are actually interested in your work.
  • If you only work from one city, focus on locals.
  • Follow and engage with local influencers.
  • Attend local events and provide services to people attending local events. Post photos, use the event hashtags and always add your location to each photo. People often search local trendy spots or events by hashtags and location tags. Take great photos that show off your style and make sure they pop up during these searches.


Don’t confuse followers by posting photos of family vacations and what you ate for lunch. When someone visits your profile it should be clear that you are a local stylist who does great work.

  • Switch to business accounts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Include a link to your booking page.
  • Write a professional bio with a little personality.
  • Post before and after photos to show off your skills.
  • Put your spin on trending looks. Show potential clients you are creative and up-to-date with popular styles.
  • Post tutorials to give them an idea of what it would be like to be in your chair.


If you want your followers to take action, you have to ask. Take every opportunity to lead them in the right direction.

  • In your bio, next to your booking page link, add a call-to-action. Say something like, “Book your appointment here:”

  • Announce last minute openings, promotions, and new services. You can post photos with text like this:

  • Or, you can give them a call-to-action in an Instastory.


Use the clients you already have who are active on social media to attract other like-minded clients by making it easy for them to promote you on their own accounts.

  • It’s worth investing a little extra in your salon’s decor if it encourages clients to post photos.
  • Set up a small area in your salon (it can be a single wall or a corner) and make it a great spot to take photos. Make sure the lighting is flattering and the space is clean.
  • Display your social media information on a sign and ask clients to tag your business in photos. You can even offer a small discount to clients who follow through.

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