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Bree’Ana Melick loves to get her nails done, and her past nail salon experiences inspired her to become a nail artist. “I love the artistry behind it. I love how it made me feel when I went to the salon and got my nails done,” she explains. However, she realized that her nails would not last as long as she wanted them to. “Not a lot of people, especially in my area, we’re knowledgeable enough in doing longer nails and making sure that they would last right so that they’re actually functional,” she said. These experiences inspired her to do her nails exactly how she wanted. 

Now, she is the salon owner of Total Beauty Salon & Spa, located in Columbus, Ohio, and was awarded the Wisdom Award during the inaugural Stylies Awards. Her clients raved about her work and left glowing reviews when nominating their favorite Pro for the award. “She truly makes you feel at home. The appointment never feels rushed. It is more of a ‘let me help you leave my chair feeling beautiful and educated.’ Learning something new every visit,” says one of Melick’s clients.

Melick prides herself in providing clients with education to ensure healthy nails and consultations for new clients to learn more about their nail goals. For instance, Melick shared an experience with a new client who was curious about why her gel nails would not last long. After her consultation and servicing her new client, she noticed that her nail beds were naturally more oily, which can cause the gel to peel not too long after application. But, with her expertise, she knew just the solution for her client. “All I had to do was to add a small layer of hard gel on her overlay and then give her a gel manicure. She had no problems after that,” she explains.

Service by Bree’Ana Melick

Clients value Melick’s artistry, knowledge, and customer service. So we had to ask what her secret is to keep her clients returning. She expresses how essential it is to be authentic and relatable. “Having that respectful relationship, maintaining integrity, being relatable and yourself, will definitely have your clients return,” explains Melick.

Bree’Ana returned to StyleSeat in 2019 after hearing from other beauty professionals to try the app. After her trial, she realized there were many features that she loved. “I was starting out, and what I really enjoyed most at that moment was having a calendar that would send the appointments to my actual calendar because my whole life is in there. It organizes everything for me,” says Melick. 

StyleSeat is already established and known in the beauty industry for services.

Bree’Ana Melick

In addition to the calendar feature, she loves the financial reporting and discount codes StyleSeat offers. “They offer a discount for clients that didn’t even come out of my pocket. But I can still offer it to clients. And of course, who doesn’t love the deal,” says Melick.

Service by Bree’Ana Melick

Melick’s future shines bright as she strives to impact the community with her gifts. She plans to continue combining her passion for mental health and wellness with her social services and social sciences background. She also dreams of owning a storefront salon and opening a school for her community. “I love to learn, and I think it’ll be really cool to be able to open a school and have a space where individuals who want to learn can come. And you know, even learn a trade,” she shares with excitement. 

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