The right business profile can help you attract the new clients. You can showcase your work, share your experience, and give potential clients a taste of your personality. But, simply adding some basic information and a few photos isn’t going to cut it. Today, clients have hundreds of beauty and wellness professionals to choose from — in order to stand out from other stylists, your StyleSeat profile needs to shine.

The three most important aspects of a great business profile are photosreviews, and an informative About Me section. Explore examples from top StyleSeat professionals who know how to make the most of their business profiles.

Ditty Simpson

Not only does Ditty have great photos and reviews highlighted, Ditty’s About Me covers all the bases: how many years he’s been licensed, what he specializes in, and what kind of atmosphere to expect in his barbershop. He mentions that his core clientele consists of local professionals and it’s clear he kept that in mind while selecting his gallery photos — every client is dressed for success! Remember, your marketing should always be geared toward the right clients. If you cater to professionals, your profile should reflect that.

Erinn Courtney

Erinn’s profile is full of flavor. Her photos are fun and fashion-forward and while her About Me is informative, it also gives clients very clear instructions on how to prepare for appointments. She starts by sharing her experience and specialities, including locs and human hair loc extensions. She also communicates to potential clients who are interested in services and styles not listed on her service menu to contact her for bookings.

Summer Reign

Summer understands that precision is a huge concern for clients when it comes to microblading. Luckily, her profile speaks volumes to new clients and puts their hesitation at ease. In addition to sharing her specialities, professional experience, and amazing before-and-after photos, Summer explains her practices in detail. For many potential clients, this could be a deciding factor. Try to consider what’s important to your ideal clients — is it the atmosphere, style, professional experience? Use your About Me section to show clients what makes you unique and post photos that show your true range and skill.

Eric Taylor

Eric’s profile boldly displays his expertise as a versatile barber offering an array of services beyond haircuts. Demonstrating his expertise in hair coloring and comprehensive knowledge of diverse hair types, he stands out. Eric showcases various cuts and hair trends, solidifying his reputation as an expert in the industry. If you’re a multi-skilled professional catering to a diverse clientele, ensure your About Me section reflects these capabilities to attract new clients effectively.

Mary Tran

Mary’s photos showcase her specialties in balayage and other coloring services, instilling confidence in clients when booking. She discloses her extensive experience as a stylist, commitment to ongoing education, and location. Emphasizing her dedication to delivering an exceptional client experience, Mary underscores the importance of fostering strong relationships with her clientele. Utilize the About Me section to provide clients with a preview of the experience awaiting them during an appointment with you.

Danisha Golden

Providing a service tailored to a specific niche? Emulate Dashia’s strategy. Dashia’s profile boldly showcases her specialization in natural nail care, setting clear expectations for prospective clients. Uploading photos of various nail designs and inspiration is compelling evidence of diverse expertise, enticing new clients and exemplifying experience in nail art.

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