In the fast-paced world of beauty and wellness services, every appointment counts. Ensuring that your time is respected and your revenue is protected can be challenging, especially when dealing with last-minute cancellations and no-shows. We’re introducing StyleSeat Deposits, a powerful feature designed to safeguard your income and streamline your schedule.

What is a Deposit?

A booking deposit is an upfront payment required by a service provider to secure a reservation or commitment from a client. By requiring clients to pay a deposit when booking their appointment, you’re ensuring that they’re committed to showing up, or at the very least, compensating you for your time if they don’t.

What Are the Benefits of Accepting Deposits as a Beauty or Wellness Professional?

Accepting deposits offers numerous advantages for beauty and wellness professionals, including:

Protecting Your Time: Deposits deter no-shows and last-minute cancellations, enabling you to manage your schedule better and focus on clients committed to their appointments.

Boosting Your Income: Deposits ensure a guaranteed source of income, even if a client cancels. This financial stability is vital for maintaining security in an industry known for its fluctuations.

Enhancing Client Commitment: You’re able to receive upfront funds from clients, allowing you to prepare for high-cost services before their appointment. 

How Does StyleSeat Deposits Work?

Setting up StyleSeat Deposits is simple! First, choose between a flat fee or a percentage-based deposit for your services.

Activate your No-Show and Late-Cancellation policy to maximize your time and revenue protection. These features work together seamlessly to safeguard your business. For example, if your client is paying a 30% deposit for their appointment and your NSLC policy is 50%, your policy will make up the difference of 20%.

Deposits offer flexibility and customization for your business. You can easily remove a deposit for your client or adjust the amount to suit your preferences.

If you can’t make a scheduled appointment, you can seamlessly reschedule your client without losing your deposit. If a refund is required, you can easily issue one—no customer support needed.

How Can I Access StyleSeat Deposits?

If you are subscribed to the Premium Plan, you can access this new feature now and incorporate it into your business! If you are currently subscribed to the Basic Plan, you can upgrade your plan to access Deposits and other advanced features to help level up your business.

For more information about StyleSeat Deposits and to answer some frequently asked questions, please visit our support article for professionals and clients.

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