We’ve all been there. You’re just sitting at home, minding your own business and suddenly a voice inside whispers “I bet BANGS would make everything much better!”

If you answered this siren’s call a month or so ago there’s a good chance you need a trim right about now, but with many salons still closed you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. Here are some mistakes to avoid during DIY bang trims. 

Using the Wrong Tools

It’s essential to cut your hair using only professional cutting shears. They have the sharp edge you need to slice right through hair quickly. Inferior tools like craft scissors, kitchen shears or (god forbid) nail clippers, bend the hair at a weird angle before cutting it, meaning you’ll end up with wonky bangs. Ask your hair Pro what specific tools they recommend. 

Cutting While Wet

Usually you’d wet hair before cutting it, but bangs are a whole different story. You really need an accurate view of how much you’ve cut, and since hair shrinks as it dries, chopping wet hair can lead to you accidentally hacking off more than you meant to. This is especially true of curly hair so make sure you’re all dry before going to town on your bangs. 

Chopping Straight Across

At first blush, cutting your bangs does seem like it should be as simple as cutting along a dotted straight line. In reality this will get you majorly uneven strands of hair. Instead, use a point cutting technique. Angle your scissors so they are pointing vertically down into the hair you want to cut, then do little snips across. This is really hard to explain, so here’s a handy picture guide. This would be another great time to set up a quick consult with your hair Pro so they can guide your hand a little. 

Trying to Fix a Mistake

If even after reading this guide, calling your Pro, and trying your level best, your bangs still come out crooked or short, try and resist the urge to fix them yourself. These kinds of meticulous edits work best in a salon, and in lieu of that it’s better to pin your bangs back and wait for them to grow rather than chopping and snipping until you have no bangs left. Take a breath and think of this bang adage: when in doubt, grow it out!

We hope this guide helped you rock a banging new look! Don’t forget to hit up your StyleSeat pro for any advice. 

Womens Cut
Womens Cut