Looking for an effortless hairstyle that’ll still have you standing out from the crowd? Dreadlocks — locs for short — are a versatile option that will never go out of style. Locs consist of rope-like strands achieved by interlocking the hair, allowing you to rock a one-of-a-kind look without any brushing or styling required. 

From Bob Marley to Wiz Khalifa, locs have been a staple in both pop culture and everyday styles for decades. If you’re ready to switch it up, check out these trending loc hairstyles for men before booking your next hair appointment. 

1. Twist locs

Image of man with twist locs.

Classic dreadlocks get a modern twist (literally) with this updated take on the look. This style is achieved by twisting two individual locs together to form one. From chunky to highlighted twists, there are limitless ways to add a personal touch to this loc style. 

2. Locs with fade

Image of man with locs and a fade.

Achieve an elevated yet edgy look with a loc and fresh fade combo. This works for any style loc, from dip-dyed curls to waist-length ropes.

3. Mid-length locs

Image of man with locs and a fade.

You can still style mid-length locs in a high ponytail or top knot, but they’re a lot easier to manage (and a lot lighter!) than classic long dreadlocks.

4. Classic dreadlocks

Image of man with classic dreadlocks.

The dreadlocks made popular by the Rastafarian movement are still in style today. This type of dreadlock features thick locs allowed to hang free with an understated middle part not even new curly growth can spoil. 

5. Low pony locs

Image of man with locs in a low ponytail.

If your locs are long enough, tie them back in a low ponytail for an effortless bohemian look. You’ll be able to manage your hair easier, but won’t have to strain your neck balancing it in a bun or top knot.

6. Braided locs

Image of man with braided locs.

Photo source: Sarah H, a locs pro in Indianapolis, IN.

Braided dreadlocks are similar to cornrows, but cornrows are achieved by gathering hair at the scalp to create a braid, while braided locs are thicker, locked hair braided together. This style can be executed from root to tip or only on the scalp and transition into the loc style of your choice.

7. Basket weave locks

Image of man with basket weave locs.

Photo source: Olenda Styles, a dreadlocks Pro in Bellflower, CA

For added texture and dimension, try outfitting thinner locs with a basket weave. Basket weave locs work for any hair length, but make sure you seek out a professional hairstylist for the best outcome.

8. Chunky locs

Image of man with chunky dreadlocks.

Once your dreadlocks are more mature and full, you can start forming them into larger, chunkier locs. Try a mix of both thin and thick locs for a personalized style.

9. Ombre locs

Image of man with ombre locs.

Ombre locs are one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to dark, one-dimensional hair. Blonde, red, and orange are popular colors, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

10. High pony locs

Image of man with locs in a high ponytail.

Piling your dreadlocks into a neat high ponytail is an easy way to achieve eye-catching style for men with mid-length locs.

11. Locs with undercut

Image of man with locs and an undercut.

Similar to a taper cut, an undercut buzzes the hair around the sides and back of your head to a single length, allowing your locs to take center stage on the top. Locs paired with an undercut achieve both a trimmed yet relaxed aesthetic that’ll help you stay cool in the summer months. 

12. Freeform locs

Image of man with freeform dreadlocks.

If you’d like a dreadlock style that’ll allow you to embrace your natural hair texture, freeform locs are the way to go. Freeform locs are locs that have naturally formed without manipulating new hair growth, which means you won’t need to visit your stylist twice a month to maintain your ‘do.

13. Labyrinth locs

Image of man with labyrinth locs.

Labyrinth locs feature long, chunky classic locs, but each dreadlock is formed a little farther apart on the scalp. For those who have been growing their locs for a while, this is a great way to shake up your look.

14. Cornrows and dreadlocks

Image of man with cornrows and dreadlocks.

Combining fresh, trendy cornrows with organic dreadlocks creates a convenient and neat style. Whether you opt for simple straight-back braids or an intricate design, cornrows and dreadlocks give you the best of both worlds.

15. Short locs

Image of man with short locs.

16. Pigtail locs

Image of man with pigtail locs.

Photo source: Shabria Redmond, a locs pro in Atlanta, GA

If you’re looking for a true standout style, ponytails and man buns aren’t going to cut it. Pigtail locs double the wow factor and take styling to a whole new level.

17. Side-swept locs

Image of man with side-swept locs.

While we’d rather leave dramatic side bangs in 2010, side-swept dreadlocks aren’t going anywhere. This classically cool style brings the perfect amount of drama to a short-loc look.

18. Knotted dreadlocks

Image of man with knotted dreadlocks.

Loc knots are achieved by twisting your locs twice and securing them at the bottom to form barrel-like knots. You can knot any length of loc, but they can help make long locs much more manageable.

19. Top knot locs

Image of man with locs in a top knot.

Messy top knots are a classic summertime loc style that’s both easy and convenient. However, keep in mind that the longer your locs are, the heavier your knot will be. You don’t want to put too much strain on your neck!

20. Loc mohawk

Image of man with loc mohawk.

Leaning toward more of an urban grunge style? Channel punk rock meets Rastafarian with a loc mohawk. Even long locs look amazing pulled back in a bun paired with shaved sides.

21. Curly locs

Image of man with curly locs.

If you love your naturally curly hair, you don’t need to sacrifice your texture for locs. Dreads can be curled using rollers or perm rods to bring more texture and dimension to the classic style. 

22. Short twist locs

Image of man with shirt twist locs.

While we already called out twists, we had to mention how amazing they look on short hair. Two-strand twist locs keep your hair looking polished and fresh during a potentially awkward grow-out phase.

23. Locs with a bandana

Image of man with locs tied back in a bandana.

Gather your locs with your favorite bandana for a pop of personality. Coordinate with your fit or go bold for a standout style.

24. Thin locs

Image of man with thin locs.

If chunky locs don’t appeal to you, thin locs allow you to keep the look of natural hair without any styling. With thin locs, you can easily recreate your favorite curled styles or intricate braids.

25. Wick locs

Image of man with wick locs.

Wick locs are one of the thickest dread styles out there — in fact, you can have as few as four to 10 wicks on your entire head. The style takes its name from candle wicks, which stand straight up, though longer wicks hang downward.

26. Spiked dreadlocks

Image of man with spike locs.

Photo source: Sho’Nuff Barber, a locs pro in Clinton, MD

If your locs are still in the growing phase or you prefer to keep them short, try spiking them for an edgy take on the style. Add even more contrast with a high skin fade to draw attention up.

27. Comb twists

Image of man with comb twists.

Photo source: Taberah Parker, a comb twist expert in Inglewood, CA

Love the look of locs but aren’t ready to commit to this semi-permanent style? You can still get the look with comb twists, which use wax or conditioner to create single-strand twist-outs that will unravel over time.

28. Half-up, half-down locs

Image of man with locs in a half-up, half-down style.

Long locs give you the freedom to style your hair in a variety of ways, one of the most popular being the half-up, half-down look. If your locs are super long, you can even skip the hair tie and simply knot your locs in the back for an easy everyday hairstyle.

29. Blonde locs

Image of man with blonde locs.

With today’s dye techniques it’s easy to add some contrast to dark dreads with bright blonde streaks. Or go all out with all-blonde locs for a statement style.

30. Beaded boho locs

Image of man with beaded locs.

Photo source: Karina Natural Hair Specialist, a locs pro in Casselberry, FL

Get creative with your locs by adding accessories like beads or metal cuffs for a style that’s all you. The texture of your locs should keep accessories in place, but you can secure hair ties under each bead for extra support.

31. Chunky twists

Image of man with chunky twist locs.

If you believe bigger is better, you can’t go wrong with thick twists. Rope-like chunky twists keep long locs looking polished, but they require more maintenance than medium- or small-sized twists. 

32. Colorful locs

Image of man with purple locs.

Locs are already a statement men’s hairstyle, but if you want to stand out even more, try dying the ends of your strands a bright, eye-catching color. Turquoise and neon pink are a few of our favorites!

33. Viking locs

Image of man with viking locs.

Dreadlocks are often associated with the peace-loving Rastafarian movement, but many believe locs were a preferred style for historical Vikings as well. The modern-day interpretation features long locs — typically tied back in a ponytail or braid — paired with an intense undercut.

34. Short locs with taper

Image of man with shirt locs and a taper.

Photo source: Sho’Nuff Barber, a locs pro in Clinton, MD

Prefer to keep things high and tight? Opt for short locs and a clean taper for a high-end look that’ll pair just as well with a suit as it would your favorite tee.

35. Wavy locs

Image of man with wavy locs.

Sleep with your damp locs in tight braids to achieve this beachy style. Thinner locs will hold waves longer than thicker ones.

36. Silver locs

Image of man with silver locs.

Silver is one of the trendiest hair colors for 2023, and it’s easy to see why. Try weaving streaks of gray into your locs for an edgy vibe, or fully commit to the look with all-over silver locs that’ll be sure to turn heads.

37. Loc knot

Image of man with dreadlocks tied in a knot.

If your locs have matured enough to tie in a knot, you’ll never need another hair tie again. The loc knot is a classic dreadlock style that’s both convenient and cool.

38. Space buns

Image of man with locs in space buns.

High double buns are the hottest new trend for both women and men — even celebrities like Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg have been seen sporting the style. Locs take space buns to a whole new dimension, adding even more interest to an already attention-grabbing look.

39. Layered locs

Image of man with layered locs

Just like any other haircut, layering your locs adds tons of volume to your ‘do. Try wearing your locs shorter in the front and longer in the back for a complementary face-framing effect.

40. Wrapped locs

Image of man with locs wrapped in yarn.

When it comes to personalizing your locs, the options are limitless. One of the best ways to bring color to your style without dyeing your hair is by wrapping your locs with yarn. Choose any color, and simply switch it out when you’re ready for a new look.

41. Shaped-up locs

Image of man with locs and a shape-up.

Photo source: CrossKutts, a shape up pro in Dolton, IL

Combining short locs with a crisp shape up is a sleek way to fashion locs while they’re growing out. You can also add a mid-fade to this style to further elevate the look.

42. Combed back locs

Image of man with combed back locs.

Believe it or not, you can achieve the slicked-backed look with locs. If you’re just starting your loc journey or planning a retwist, simply twist your locs toward the back of your head so they’ll lie that way.

43. Box braids over locs

Image of man with box braids over locs.

Photo source: Jai Antoine, a locs pro in Union, NJ

If you already have locs but are interested in a low-maintenance, protective style, box braids over locs are a creative solution. Look for salons that specialize in working with locs for this style — some braiding salons may not have experience with this unique request.

44. Braided faux hawk locs

Image of man with braided faux hawk locs.

Add some flair to a faux hawk with intricate braided locs. This is a smart style if you’re looking for a way to easily maintain long high-top locs.

45. Locs with line-up

Image of man with locs and a line-up.

Popularized by Black men in the 1980s, line-ups are a classic style that lends sophistication to locked hair. Dress it up with patterned tramlines for an even fresher look.

46. Locs with undershave

Image of man with locs and a undershave.

Even though long locs look amazing, they can get hot and uncomfortable in the summer months. You could tie them back, but pulling all that heavy hair to the back of your head can put some serious pressure on your neck. The easiest solution? Simply shave the bottom back of your head for relief from the heat (and a modern style to boot).

47. Crimson locs

Image of man with red locs.

We love a fiery red ‘do, and textured locs simply add to the drama. From subtle burgundy to fire-engine red, we’re seeing crimson locs for men everywhere in 2023.

48. Dreadlocks and braids

Image of man braided dreadlocks.

Photo source: Karina Natural Hair Specialist, a locs pro in Casselberry, FL 

Throwing in a few braids dispersed within your locs adds dimension to your hair, especially when styling it up. You could add tiny non-locked braids, or braid just a couple of sections of your locs for a versatile look.

49. Fishtail braid

Image of man with locs in a fishtail braid.

Photo source: Styles By Chris, a dreadlocks Pro in Charlotte, NC

Reign in your locs with an intricate fishtail braid. We love the large single braid seen here, but you could also try fishtail pigtails or a fishtail mohawk.

50. Marley twists

Image of man with Marley twists.

Marley twists are created with the two-strand twist technique using Marley braiding hair. These extensions provide plenty of length and texture to give your style a soft finish.

Ready to loc in your style? From twists to beaded locs, loc styles for men can be seen at the beach, the club, and even the red carpet. Browse our loc stylists to find a professional near you to help you achieve your ideal look.

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