A line-up haircut, also known as a shape-up or edge-up haircut, is one of the most sleek haircuts out there. Line-up haircuts create sharp, distinctive hairlines. Line-ups can be added to your favorite hairstyles, such as flat tops and pompadours.

Many people turn to this haircut when looking for a way to accentuate their natural facial features with a fresh cut. This style tends to look best on people with a square or diamond face shape. 

When going in for a line-up cut, expect your barber to cut your hair very short on the sides. While you will be able to have some volume on the top if you’d like, it’s impossible to create a line-up haircut with long hair around the neckline and ears.

The haircut itself is more of a technique than a traditional cut, using clippers and a straight razor. Since this is such a technical haircut, be sure to have photos ready for your next appointment to see exactly what look you are going for. Here are some examples of fresh line-up haircut ideas. 

1. Undercut with a line-up and design

man with undercut line up and design

This line-up cut features an undercut, where the backs and sides are shaved underneath the hair on top. This is a great cut for summer and warmer climates as it is guaranteed to keep you feeling (and looking) cool. The line-up includes a design, making it a trendy way to spice up your traditional line-up look. Make sure to leave your barber a good tip if you ask for a design. They take a lot more time and skill to get right than a regular line-up or cut.

2. High top with a line-up

man with high top and line up

The high top cut is perfect for people with textured hair. The hair on top remains natural with a flat top, while the sides are trimmed short or into a fade, depending on personal preference. Adding a line-up cut to this style adds a new level of sophistication to the look and creates a trendy appearance.

3. Line-up with a bald fade

man with line up and bald fade

This look is extra sharp! The line-up is often created closer to the top of the head with this style. The bald fade, also known as skin fade, leaves hair on top and gradually transitions down to bald on the sides and back of the head. This style requires precise blending and a unique technique to get the perfect look.

4. Mid fade with a short top

man with mid fade and short top

Drama is this cut’s middle name. This cut will leave your neckline smooth, but leave a hint of length right above your temples. The mid-fade line cut is very versatile and works great for men with round faces that have thick hair. 

5. Curly texture with skin fade

man with curly texture and skin fade

This line-up cut is perfect for people who want to keep their curls, but have a defined hairline. The line is a straight edge where the curls stop and a skin fade begins. The cut allows for lots of fringe and volume while still being sleek. 

6. High and tight

man with high and tight

This popular men’s short haircut is a military variant of the classic crew cut. The back and sides of the head are shaved down to the skin, while the top of the head fades into a slightly longer cut. 

7. Pompadour with a line-up

man with pompadour and line up

This pompadour look takes us back to the ’50s and ’60s era with a modern twist. The cut allows for voluminous hair on the top of the head while creating sharp angles around the facial features. Creating a fade on the sides of the head makes this look more subtle, but just as trendy. 

8. Buzz cut with a line-up

man with buzz cut line up

Photo source: William Demps, a men’s haircut Pro in Des Moines, WA

Buzz cuts have stood the test of time as a classic haircut. They are known for being simple and easy to maintain with clean edges, as is a line cut. It is super easy to incorporate a line cut into the buzz cut hairstyle by creating a defined, straight hairline. This is also a great look for men with thin hair.

9. Faux fawk with a line-up

man with faux hawk and line up

The faux hawk is a great way to spice up your traditional look with a bit of hair gel. It is easy to create and a perfect pairing for a line-up cut. 

10. Hard part with a line-up

man with hard part line up

If you prefer a hard part, this might be the line-up cut for you! This line-up cut draws a hard line in the part of the hair, separating the shorter hairs from the voluminous hair on top of the head.

11. Low fade

man with low fade

Photo source: William Demps, a men’s haircut Pro in Des Moines, WA

This line-up cut features a low fade, gradually letting the hair grow longer from the ears upwards with a 90-degree angle forming at the temples. These features create a sleek overall haircut. Many people confuse fading and tapering in men’s haircuts. Tapering is when hair gradually changes from one length to another, whereas the fading seen here transitions hair to skin. 

12. Comb over with a line-up

comb over with line up

The combover is a classic hairstyle. Adding a line-up haircut to this classic style creates a unique twist for a modern look. This line is often enhanced with a fade. The line-up adds more definition to the part line and the face. 

13. Line-up with drop fade and beard

line up with drop fade beard

This cut takes a twist on the classic fade. The fade of this cut drops behind the ear, creating an arc and leaving a sleek appearance. The look is even more spruced up with the addition of the fade into a beard. The beard also includes distinctive, sharp lines to match the line-up cut on the temples. 

14. Line-up with long locs

locs line up

Locs are a popular hairstyle for those with Afro-textured hair, just as a line-up cut was popularized by Black men in the 1980s. Luckily, with the right barber, it is very possible to keep your locs while creating these sharp hairlines as well. Designs also look great with long locs. 

15. Line-up with top knot 

line up with top knot

For those who can’t part with their long hair, the line-up with a top knot is a great style. This line-up cut features a clean cut with sharp edges on the sides of the head, while leaving longer hair on the back and top of the head to create a top knot. 

One of the best parts of a line-up haircut is that they are so unique. There are so many different ways to get this style, which makes it so important to show your Pro a photo of the look you want to achieve. Take into consideration your own hair texture and compare it to the inspiration photos you are looking at.

You will want to make sure you have the correct hair texture for the line-up haircut you are interested in. If you are unsure of your hair type and what type of line-up haircut would be best for you, consult with a Pro and ask for their opinion. Find a Pro near you that can make your line-up haircut goals a reality. 

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