Balayage specialist, Debra Valdriz, sat down with us at the StyleSeat HQ to talk about how she markets her business, the advantages of continuing your education, and why it’s important for beauty professionals to keep up with technology and invest in a scheduling app.

Below, you’ll find some of Debra’s top marketing tips. To see the full interview, click here.

Debra’s Marketing Tips

  • Management Software: “In 2017 technology has really stepped up — just having a phone number is not enough anymore. Business management software is essential for that additional support.”
  • Great Photos: Create a profile and post a lookbook. Clients will need images to refer to and discuss. Let your voice come through in your work.
  • Referral Programs: Use referral programs to encourage client loyalty. Say you client comes for five visits, and on the fifth visit, you offer them a gift or a discount on their service — something to show your appreciation.
  • Client Reviews: Encourage your clients to leave reviews. At the end of the appointment, I usually thank them for coming in and tell them how much I would appreciate their feedback. If I ask, and they liked their service, they will usually leave a review.

Pro Tip: “Whatever your specialty is, make sure you master the basics. Create a strong foundation, understand the fundamentals of your craft, and don’t stop there! Continue to educate yourself – take classes and stay up-to-date so you can offer your clients the best.

Name: Debra K. Valdriz

City: San Francisco, California

Specialty: Balayage


Instagram: @debrakv55

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