Aesthetician, esthetician; Whether you focus on specialty facial treatment, a specialized cosmetic procedure, or unique whole-body treatment — one thing is for sure. No matter how you spell it, you need a stellar bio!

A professional bio is extremely important for your career as an esthetician, which is why we’re here to help you craft a great one. 

Follow our seven steps and implement some of our most useful tips, and you’ll be on your way to writing that perfect bio. To give you some inspiration before you dive into your writing task, we’ll also include some esthetician bio examples to get those creative juices flowing. 

Why is an Esthetician Bio Important?

Before we dive into how to write an esthetician bio, let’s talk about why it’s so important. A good bio not only tells a reader who you are and what you do, but it pulls them in, gets them engaged, and entices potential clients to book your services. 

You can also leverage your bio in your esthetician marketing ideas. Variations of your esthetician bio can be used across different outlets, from your social media accounts and website to printed flyers, guest blog posts, and email marketing campaigns. 

Essentially, your esthetician bio is a short story about your professional life. Think of it as your condensed esthetician resume, but rather than listing your skills, work experience, and accomplishments, it combines it into an easily digestible, fun-to-read snippet that highlights your resume objective.

So, why do you focus so heavily on crafting that perfect esthetician bio? 

Whether you offer massage services or microdermabrasion, your bio is your clients’ first impression. It’s what they will read before they meet you in person or book your services — so it’s crucial to make it strong, clear, and professional. 

How to Write a Great Esthetician Bio

1. Be Clear About Who You Are

It’s no surprise that there’s some healthy competition in the beauty industry. Whether you’re a skin treatment specialist, facialist, a massage therapist, or a waxing specialist, when you’re figuring out how to write an esthetician bio, it’s important to be clear about who you are. Use your bio opening to include some quick, effective facts that will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Focus on Your Specialty 

If you’re wondering how to get clients as an esthetician, the key is to promote what you’re good at! Every licensed esthetician has a specialty, something that makes your particular skill set shine. You might focus on facial massage services, brow feathering, hair removal, lash tinting, laser hair removal or a combination of different ones. You may even have your own holistic approach to a self-created skin care program. Narrowing down your specialty (or specialties) and including those in your bio will make your potential client more eager to click “book”. 

3. Share Your Passion

Some of the best, most engaging esthetician bio examples share something in common. They convey the esthetician’s passion. Your passion may come from childhood when you watched your mother do braids on your siblings. Or, it may have come later in life, when poor skin condition troubled you and your friends. Sharing your passion and a bit of your backstory helps your reader connect.

4. List Credentials and Education

Once you’ve introduced yourself and your specialty — and appealed to the emotions with a bit of passion-sharing — it’s time to list out those credentials. Before a client books your services, they want to know if you’re qualified to give them that chemical peel, laser treatment, or eyelash perm. As you figure out the best way for how to write an esthetician bio, list out all your credentials and education. 

Whether you attended the Aveda Institute, snagged an esthetician certificate from your local community college, or graduated medical school as a dermatologist, credentials, and education go a long way in building credibility.

5. Include Achievements

look through some other esthetician resume and bio samples for ideas of things to include in yours. Whether you’re a master esthetician or an advanced skin care professional, your accolades only matter if your clients know about them, don’t be afraid to offer a little humble brag here or there. Let the strangers reading your bio in on the good work you’ve done in your field and how it’s been recognized. After all, you put in the hard work. Now it’s time to let those achievements and accolades shine.

6. Talk About Your Goals

Where you’ve been is important, but where you’re going is, too. What are your goals for the future as a skin care specialist? Maybe you play to open your own med spa or massage therapy business. Talking about the road ahead will get your clients excited to be part of your journey. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, refer to your salon’s mission statement for some ideas.

7. What Makes You Unique

Similar to your specialty, it’s also important to include what makes you unique in your bio. With this sentence or two, don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable. Honesty and openness are important when someone is considering booking you for esthetics and skin treatment. 

You might focus on holistic, whole-body healing from the inside out, or pride yourself on building long-term friendships with your customers. Clients will come to you with both life and skin concerns, so if you’re open  and approachable in your bio, this helps them feel comfortable before they even click that book button. 

Tips for a Top-Notch Esthetician Bio

Still need some further encouragement on how to write an esthetician bio that truly sparkles? Turn to these tips for a top-notch piece of written copy.

  • Be positive: A negative bio can be off-putting to a reader. Try to keep things positive and lighthearted yet still professional.
  • Personal Tidbit: We know a lot of you focus on spa services and skincare all day, every day. But try to add a personal tidbit. Do you love baking or hiking, spending time with your kids, or diving into your city’s coffee culture? Perfect. Adding something other than cosmetology to your bio can make it more approachable.
  • Length: Bio lengths will vary based on whether you’re using them for Instagram, your StyleSeat profile, or at the end of a guest blog. A good rule of thumb is to have a couple of different esthetician bio examples ready and waiting to go, then you can implement them where you see fit.
  • Spell and grammar check: Nothing can affect that perfectly constructed bio quite like a slew of misspelled words or a run-on sentence. To ensure professionalism and accuracy, make sure to toss that bio into a handy dandy spell check program. While you’re at it, running it through a grammar checker would not be a bad idea either.
  • Share your work: Need a second opinion or some hands-on assistance with how to write an esthetician bio? Reach out to your friends, family members, and fellow beauty industry pals if you need a little help with your bio. Experienced skin care professionals who has been around for a while can also be a good support system to turn to.

Key Points:

  1. Be passionate, positive and personal
  2. Be concise and use proofreading softwares or friends and family to help read and evaluate
  3. Highlight the important things: your specialties, your education and any accolades.

Examples of Effective Esthetician Bios

Now that we’ve covered the steps of how to write your bio along with some additional tips for estheticians, it’s time to dive into the fun part. Here are some of our favorite esthetician bio examples, along with precisely what we like about them.

  • Infinique: Tonya Conrad covers it all with her bio listed on Infinique’s website. From her background in makeup artistry to her passion for skincare, Tonya’s knowledge and expertise are effectively conveyed throughout her lengthy and thorough bio. Additionally, she lists out many of her certificates, which further adds to her credibility as an esthetician goddess. 
  • The Skin and Body Spa: The Skin & Beauty Spa does a wonderful job of covering multiple bios for their whole team all within one page. Each bio is a little bit different, yet they showcase what makes each team member unique. Meredith A., for example, is an expert in waxing and makeup artistry, while Brenda F. suffers from rosacea herself and is passionate about serving clients who suffer from this particular skin disorder.
  • Glow Med Spa: What we like about Glow Med Spa’s bio page, is that each of their esthetician bio examples is comprehensive. After a quick read-through of each stylist and skincare expert, we know what they do for their clients’ skin and how they help them to achieve that glow. Each bio is written in the form of a story that covers background, credentials, and esthetician plans for the future, which leads to a well-rounded, engaging read.

StyleSeat Superstar Bios

With StyleSeat, we make it easy to share your professional bio with potential clients. There’s nothing we love more than an expertly constructed esthetician bio on our platform. 

Wilma Lewis

What we love: Wilma’s worked as a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist for 8 years. Her bio is short but sweet and written with confidence.

Miki Wilis

What We Love: Miki’s bio is caring and from the heart. She has an eclectic past as a sushi chef and dietician and loves focusing on inner beauty as well as health.


What We Love: Francisca’s bio tells us everything we need to know — it gives us her background, her specialties, and also covers the details of her salon location.

Serenity Skin and Lash Studio

What We Love: Serenity Skin and Lash Studio is a good example of a boutique-style, skin, and lash studio that’s doing it right. Stefanie’s branding is on point, just like her concise and thoughtfully written bio. With 5.0 stars and 217 reviews, our StyleSeat clients seem to agree that she’s an overall superstar stylist.

Stephanie Free

What We Love: Stephanie’s bio does a fantastic job of covering what skin type she focuses on, from dry skin to oily skin. In addition, she also emphasizes specialized body treatment for those undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. 

Now that you know how to write an esthetician bio, we hope you enjoy reading through your bio-homework in the examples above. 

Make sure to sign up for StyleSeat today, so you can create your own profile and get visibility in our online booking platform.

From all of us at StyleSeat, we’re looking forward to reading what you write!

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