Maybe you’ve had a pixie cut for a long time, and you’re looking for a change, or perhaps you are getting rid of your extensions because you’re ready for the real deal. 

Starting your hair growth journey can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to grow out your natural hair, there are some key steps you can take to ensure it is as long and luscious as possible. You don’t have to rush to book a hair appointment online to discover these tips. 

Here are StyleSeat’s five ultimate steps for how to make natural hair grow:

Set Realistic Expectations

The first thing (and best thing) you can do for yourself and your hair is to set realistic expectations. You know your hair better than anyone, and you’ve seen what it can do and what it can’t. Your hair isn’t going to magically grow differently this time around, but if you follow the tips below, it will come in stronger and healthier, leaving you with more options to play around with length and styles. 

Try to go into the hair growing process with expectations that are realistic for you and your body. Remember that you are beautiful, and your curly hair is a representation of that beauty. Those kinky waves that drive you crazy are the envy of girls who walk past you on the street. Those tight curls that won’t budge are a coveted hair texture for a few ladies in your friend group. 

The point is this: everyone wishes they just had a slightly better version of their hair. Your hair is awesome, and not just because it’s connected to you. Read on for more tips on how to make your awesome hair grow in exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Set A Time Frame

Along with setting realistic expectations comes setting a realistic time frame for growing your hair out. Growing your hair is a process, and getting longer hair takes a good deal of time. While we all wish we could just think real hard and will our hair to grow faster, the truth is that hair growth for natural hair is a long process; one that requires patience and nurturing. 

Everyone’s hair grows at different speeds, and some people just can’t grow beyond a certain length. Consulting with a licensed hairstylist in your area is a great first step in growing out your hair as they can help you understand time frames, offer natural hair care tips, and even give you some insight as to the maximum potential of your hair. 

Use StyleSeat to book an appointment with a hairstylist in your area and establish a hair growth regimen that is uniquely tailored to your wants, needs, and aspirations.

Get On A Cleaning Schedule/Use The Right Shampoo

Your hair wants to be clean, but it also wants some room to do its own thing. For those wondering how often to wash natural hair, know that the oils in your hair can actually stimulate new cell growth, which is why it’s important to limit your hair cleaning to two or three times per week max! Obviously, your hair has its own requirements and specific needs, so understand that the two cleanings per week are just a general guideline. 

Shampoos are some of the biggest culprits for stripping your hair and scalp of natural oils. As we have already mentioned, natural hair oils are vital to new, healthy hair growth. Finding the right shampoo is an important part of growing out your hair. Talk to your hairstylist for recommendations on which shampoo is best for your hair type. It’s not going to feel great to splurge for salon quality shampoo, but when you have luscious, thicker hair, you’ll realize it was absolutely worth it!

Condition and Moisturize

As long as you’re in the process of growing out your hair, conditioner is a must. Let’s nip this in the bud: yes, you need to use conditioner every time you wash! If you use shampoo, you should absolutely be following it up with conditioner in the same washing session. Consider using a deep conditioning treatment as well to seal moisture into your hair. 

Hair masks are another great way to lock in moisture and stimulate hair growth. There are pre-wash masks and post-wash masks, so make sure you incorporate both to get the most out of your hair growth. Don’t feel like you have to do a hair mask every time you wash your hair; a mask or two per week is plenty to stimulate your natural hair growth. 

One of the dirty little secrets to how to grow natural black hair is to not mess with it too much. Those natural oils in your scalp really do a great job promoting natural hair growth, so don’t be too worried if you get knocked off your cleaning/moisturizing schedule. We know it’s hard, but you have to trust the process. Your hair wants to grow; you just have to let it do its thing!

Get A Cut Every 3 to 4 Weeks

Getting your hair trimmed keeps your natural hair long and strong. Some consider it the best way to grow natural hair. Snipping off split ends, cutting ties with every dead hair follicle, and encouraging new growth are all benefits of a trim. When your hair is trimmed on a regular basis, it promotes new hair to come in quicker, stronger, and healthier. Plus, getting a regular trim will help you get through those awkward phases helping your hair to look its best while you’re helping it to grow. 

Connecting with a professional stylist or salon will help you make the most of your hair as it’s growing. Believe it or not, your hair does not grow at the same rate across your whole head; certain places grow faster than others. Not to mention, your last haircut will have an impact on how your hair grows in. 

For example, if you have been rocking bangs, you should be prepared for them to grow out faster than the rest of your hair. Connecting with a stylist can help you figure out a stylish way to flaunt your hair, even while it’s being difficult during the different stages of growth. 

If you’re transitioning from relaxed hair to natural and considering how to transition to natural hair without cutting it, know that small trims are still recommended and not the same as the big chop. 

Alright, we’ve covered a lot of the big ones, but there are a lot of little things you can be doing to promote growth throughout the process of getting long hair. Here are some additional steps for stimulating natural hair growth:

1) Avoid Heat – Heat can severely damage hair and stunt healthy growth. Don’t sacrifice all your hard work just for a couple of hours of a particular style. Don’t fry your hair; stay away from blow dryers, curling irons, and especially flat irons. 

2) Don’t Use Dyes (Especially Blonde or Bleach) – Dye does not help your hair grow, so best to just avoid it at all costs. If you need to get a touch-up to your hair color while you’re growing it out, consult with a StyleSeat stylist to talk about how to touch up your roots or add some color to your ends without sacrificing all the hard work you’ve put into growing out that beautiful hair.

3) Watch Your Diet – Unfortunately, your hair thrives or struggles depending on how nutrient-rich your food is, which means as long as you’re growing out your hair, you need to be eating whole foods with plenty of omegas, vitamins, and minerals. We’re not saying you can’t (or shouldn’t) have the occasional indulgence; we’re just reminding you that the more nutrient-rich your food is, the longer and stronger your hair will be.

4) Take Your Supplements – Vitamins and minerals from food are great but taking additional supplements is another great way to stimulate natural hair growth. Specifically, vitamins A and B (especially folic acid) are crucial for natural hair growth. We highly recommend incorporating vitamins and supplements that foster healthy hair growth into your diet while attempting to grow out your natural locks.

5) Work With A Pro – One of the most important things to do when growing out your hair is to work with a professional hairstylist. A licensed professional hairstylist, like those you find on StyleSeat, can help you unlock the potential of your locks. Whether you have stubborn curls, kinky waves, or hair that just won’t do what you want, a professional hairstylist can help get your hair to do as it’s told. They can also suggest some natural curly hairstyles, so your hair looks great at every stage of growth. 

Stay Positive About Your Hair Growth Journey

Growing out your natural hair is going to be a process. As with any kind of growth, there are going to be growing pains. Not literally, of course; growing your hair is a relatively painless endeavor. However, there will absolutely be days where you get frustrated, disappointed, or even a little bit crazy. Don’t. Do. Anything. Drastic! Keep a cool head and remember that growing your hair is a process and that it will all be worth it. 

Of all the things you can and should do for yourself and your hair while growing out those natural locks, seeing a professional stylist is at the top of the list. StyleSeat is here to easily and conveniently connect you to the top hair professionals in your area so that your hair-growing experience yields the best possible results! 

Don’t settle for anything less than your ideal length and ultimate style. Grow out your natural hair with the help of StyleSeat for the head-turning hair you’ve always dreamed of.  

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Natural Hair