There’s an undeniable magic in the way curls dance and cascade freely, each strand telling a unique story of self-expression and individuality. From braids to updos, the versatility of natural hair exudes beauty, and it’s always fun seeking new and exciting ways to style curly locks. Need some inspiration to switch up your look for your next appointment with a StyleSeat professional? Get ready to explore a curated collection of 20 diverse and stunning curly hairstyles that will turn heads and leave you feeling more in love with your curls than ever!

1. Twist-Out

DeeVa Tresses Studio | Hampton, VA

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to effortless style, as twist-outs provide the perfect balance of glamour and ease for all your adventures.

2. Bantu Knots

Jazitup | Smyrna, GA

Not only do Bantu knots keep your hair off your neck, keeping you cool in the heat, but they also create stunning defined curls when undone, giving you a flawless look for any occasion.

3. Wash-and-Go

Yolanda Victoria | Houston, TX

Nothing beats the effortless charm of wash-and-go curls! This low-maintenance hairstyle is perfect for any season, allowing you to embrace your natural texture without spending hours styling.

4. High Ponytail

Jasmine Brooks | Murfreesboro, TN

Whether you’re heading to a rooftop party or a romantic dinner, the high curly ponytail adds a touch of elegance while keeping you gorgeous and effortlessly on-trend any time of the year.

5. Low Ponytail

Monet Daniel | Glen Burnie, MD

Or switch it up with a sleek low ponytail, a chic and understated look that brings together elegance with the playful bounce of curly hair.

6. Face-Framing Curls

Moe Beautii 4 More Beauty | New York, NY

Get a personalized cut just for you and show off your best facial features with a curly cut that has face-framing curls.

7. Rod Set

Yolanda Victoria | Houston, TX

This natural hairstyle offers impeccable definition and long-lasting curls that are bound to make a statement, plus you have options on rod size to determine the size of curls you want.

8. Crown Braid

Darlynda George | Bowie, MD

Bring out your royal energy with this enchanting look. The crown braid adds a touch of elegance to your natural hair.

9. Tapered Cut

Rimmy Sparkles | Philadelphia, PA

Go for the daring tapered cut that embraces your natural beauty if you’re looking for a refreshing change that requires minimal maintenance.

10. Curl-Hawk

Raki Loves Hair | Chicago, IL

The curl-hawk is a show-stopping choice that exudes confidence, creativity, and an undeniable sense of style, so get ready to turn heads!

11. Short Curly Cut

Tender Love & Curls | Bronx, NY

Looking to do a big chop but not interested in getting a tapered cut? You can get a fierce curly cut that’s personalized just for you while embracing your perfect curls.

12. Curly Bangs

Hudson & Harrison Extensions | Chicago, IL

Add some mystery and turn up the intrigue on your look when you pair your pretty curls with the cool look of bangs. They look great with a long curly hairstyle or a short one.

13. Flat Twist Up-Do

DeeVa Tresses Studio | Hampton, VA

This natural hairstyle keeps your hair tucked away, making it the perfect protective style and offering many styling options to keep you looking chic.

14. Bubble Ponytail

Jazitup | Smyrna, GA

This natural hairstyle takes the classic ponytail to the next level by adding a playful twist to your hairstyle, radiating fun and flirty vibes!

15. Two-Strand Twists

DeeVa Tresses Studio | Hampton, VA

This classic protective style can be worn in multiple ways and adorned with beautiful hair accessories to match your style.

16. Curly Bob

Moe Beautii 4 More Beauty | New York, NY

A classic curly bob keeps the curls short while still getting to flaunt the curly hair that is so unique to you!

17. Goddess Braids

Braids Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

Channel your inner goddess this summer with stunning and enchanting goddess braids that will leave you feeling empowered and stylish.

18. Coils

Rimmy Sparkles | Philadelphia, PA

Coils create stunning and defined spirals full of bounce and volume, adding vibrancy and an undeniable sense of style to your overall look.

19. Half Up-Half Down

Hudson & Harrison Extensions | Chicago, IL

This versatile natural hairstyle offers the best of both worlds by having your curls away from your face but still flaunting your locks.

20. Inverted Curly Bob

Darian Gavin | Baltimore, MD

Step up your curly bob with an inverted curly shape. Your curls will be voluminous, and your hair shape will elevate your look.

Natural Hair
Natural Hair