Curly hair is kind of a coin flip. One day your curls are perfectly bouncy and effortlessly cooperative, and other days, there isn’t a big enough hat in the world to hide the tangles. Don’t get it twisted; you don’t need to rush to book a hair appointment online when you’re having a bad hair day. Your curly hair is gorgeous (even on its worst day). Here is StyleSeat’s list of the top 25 natural curly hairstyles of 2021 to help you transform tormented tangles and uncooperative curls into twisted brilliance with beautiful styles!

1. Curly Top Knot 

Put your curls on display like a crown when you pull them into a sleek, curly top knot. Curls love to stick together, so when they come up into a bunch in a curly topknot, it puts your curls on full display without being out of control.

2. Curly Bob

Bobs are a great way to keep curls in check while still letting your hair do its bouncy, curly thing. A classic curly bob keeps the curls short, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of tangled knots while still getting to flaunt the curly hair that is so unique to you!

3. Puffy Down Curls

Bushy, bushy blonde hairdos” aren’t just lyrics in Beach Boys songs anymore; the long-haired puffy curl look is back in a big way. While this look can be achieved with any length of hair, it is ideal for longer length as the long hair gives the curls room to cascade.

4. Asymmetric Bob

A cool twist on a classic look, the asymmetric bob features your curls in a way that the classic bob can’t. The asymmetric bob really helps to frame the face, keeping the curls pulled to one side. Try this look if you have looser curls that need a fresh new way to make you look your best.

5. Pulled Back Curls

Timeless and elegant, the pulled-back curl look keeps your hair out of your face so your features can steal the show. The pulled-back look is great for everything from a casual day out to an elegant night on the town. It works on short curly hair as well as on long.

6. Finger Waves

For anyone who wants to turn down the intensity on their curls, this wavy hair look is a perfect way to tame curls without sacrificing movement. The finger waves harken back to the roaring 1920s, and it’s no coincidence that 100 years later, this hairdo is still a hit! 

7. Braided Pigtails

Braided pigtails aren’t just for playgrounds and Brittney Spears music videos anymore. This look takes curly hair by the root and twists it into submission with a classic braided style that is as cute and sassy as it is fun and playful!

8. Big Brushed Out Curls

Volume is always beautiful, especially when it features the power of bouncy curls. Put the voluminous power of your curls on full display and brush out your hair for a wild and free hairstyle that uses the weight of your hair to keep things in place (though a little hairspray helps too). You know what they say… go big or go home, especially with your choice of black hairstyles for natural curly hair.

9. Flat Twist With Feathered Curls 

Sometimes, a little controlled chaos is a cool way to feature your curls. That’s exactly what this ‘90s-inspired hairdo does, as it forces all of the personality into the feathered plume that fans out behind your head for a semi-halo look.

10. Curly Curtain Bangs

Bangs are better when they’re bouncy. Get in on one of the hottest trends of 2021 and add some curly girl swagger to this super hot hairdo. Add some mystery and turn up the intrigue on your look when you pair your pretty curls with the cool girl look of curtain bangs. Curtain bangs look great with a long curly hairstyle or a short one.

11. Waterfall Curls

Layered and luscious, this curly hairstyle incorporates the wavy mermaid hair that every girl wants with the curly twirls that a lot of us have. This hairstyle requires a little bit of layering, thanks to a specific cut, so make sure you talk to your local StyleSeat hairstylist about achieving this gorgeous, “fresh from a swim” look. 

12. A Big Beautiful Ponytail

Pull those curls back for a sleek top-of-head look and watch in amazement as your curls explode into a glorious ponytail behind you. You can add a hair product to make the look even more shiny and dramatic. The juxtaposition between the sleek look upfront and the tousled pony in the back is a gorgeous way to say, “my curls are free to be who they want to be.”

13. Shoulder-Length Locks

Halfway in between the bob and the long waves of a down curl look, shoulder-length curls are a great option as a daily style. This look doesn’t require much prep or primp, and it’s a great option for girls who have tight natural curls. This style is also perfect for those who have spent the past few months wondering how to grow natural hair and are finally getting some length. 

14. The Afro Puff

Perfect for ladies who love to go tall with their hairstyles for natural curly hair, this puffy version of the classic “‘Fro” is more up and coming and less round and retro. Tease out the bangs, tousle the curls, and let the volume of your natural curls speak loud and proud about the beauty of your naturally curly hair. 

15. Classic Curls

Think golden-era Hollywood, and you’re probably picturing the classic curls look that we’re talking about here. Perfect for hair of any length, this curly hairstyle works for natural curls or straight hair. Incorporating a mixture of tight curls and loose waves, this hairstyle puts curls on full display while framing the face to accentuate your best features.

16. “Curl-Hawk”

Don’t try this at home, but we think shaved sides with curls is one of the coolest ways to feature your locks. Super trendy, this short hair look lets people know you don’t take any guff from your puffy hair. If your curls step out of place, you’ll shave them off to send a message to the rest of your head. 

17. Disco Curls

Another volume-based favorite, perfect for girls who love their hair big and bold, disco curls are a retro way to use the natural volume of your curly hair to your advantage. Tight curls can produce big volume, and this natural hairstyle for curly locks will help you keep that natural curly look with a whole lot of added “oomph!”

18. Cropped Curls

If you’re someone who looks at a bob haircut and wishes it could be even shorter but not as short as a curly pixie, then the cropped curl look is for you. This short hairdo for natural curls is ideal for the girl who wants a no-fuss way to keep her curls looking amazing on a day-to-day basis. This hairdo has all of the style and none of the hassle! 

19. Curly Lob

This hairstyle works for every iteration of curls and every length of hair. Loose or tight, brushed, blown out, or crimped, the lob takes your naturally curly hair and just lets it do what it wants. We highly recommend implementing the lob on days when you wake up feeling great about your curls. No mess, no-frills, and somehow all the curly glory you could ever want from a hairstyle for naturally curly hair.

20. Symmetrical Curls

Using a bold middle part to keep your curls out of your face, the symmetrical curls look rests on the shoulders for a wide hairstyle that packs a lot of curly volume. This look is a great way to accentuate the neck and chin, drawing in the eyeline to where the hair rests at the shoulders.

21. Messy Crimped Waves

This classic summer look is the curly-haired equivalent of intentionally messy beach hair. If your curl pattern is naturally loose, achieve this look by scrunching your hair with a towel after getting your hair wet. If your naturally curly hair is a little tighter, try using a mousse to loosen the locks just a little bit. 

22. The Messy Curly Bun

The messy bun is a staple hairdo in the modern age, but it works even better with natural curls. This look is great if you finally figured out how to transition to natural hair without cutting it and want a quick, easy style for transitioning hair. Simply throw your hair into an updo bun and play with your curls until they are your personal brand of messy. Tease out some curls for a little extra volume on top.

23. Tight Corkscrew Curls

Typically worn down, this is one of the best curly hairstyles for natural hair to show off exactly what your curls are capable of. The tight corkscrew is a fashion-forward look that leaves your curls to flow and bounce without getting tangled or tired, thanks to the tight style of curl, which helps keep everything in place. 

24. Understated Curls

If you’re a girl with naturally curly hair, then you deserve to experience the glamour of an understated curl. You may need to use some product, and you’ll definitely need to spend some time styling, but this look that’s closer to waves than curls will bring a new attitude to your naturally curly hair.

25. Glowing Spirals

Curls are only as powerful as the color they display. Add blonde highlights to lighten up, and hyper define every twist of each individual curl! Plus, with a bouncy curly down do, your hair will look like it’s literally glowing.

To achieve the best look for your curls, try making an appointment with a StyleSeat hairstylist in your area. It’s easy to make an appointment through StyleSeat, and your new stylist can cut, crimp, and weave to bolster your curls. Your stylist can also offer natural hair care tips, suggestions of black natural curly hairstyles, and answers to questions about how often to wash natural hair or which products to use. Stop fighting with your curls and start letting those locks speak volumes; the perfect curly hairstyle is an appointment away.

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