Does your hair tend to stick flat on your head, or at least never looks full and big for the entire day? We’ve all been there, but we’ve got some tricks that’ll help you achieve your dream voluminous hair look. 

ways to add volume to your hair

Learn not only how to add volume to hair, but also how to care for your hair health. You can also find a professional hairstylist in your area who can provide you with hands-on tips for volumizing your type of hair. 

1. Boost your diet

There are a few things you can do with your diet that can help improve hair fullness. Opt for foods that contain minerals and vitamins that are useful for promoting hair health. 

Minerals and vitamins you should focus on include: 

  • Vitamins B, C, and D
  • Fatty acids
  • Zinc 
  • Biotin 

These minerals and vitamins include properties that support hair immunity and growth. You can take these in supplement form, but we don’t recommend taking them unless your doctor confirms you have a deficiency. You should always consult a medical professional before taking any supplements. 

food and vitamins to incorporate for more voluminous hair

However, you can also choose to add whole foods to your diet that contain these minerals and vitamins. Examples includes:

  • Eggs
  • Fish, like salmon or tuna
  • Vegetables like Brussels sprouts and broccoli
  • Seeds like chia, flaxseed, and hemp
  • Beans and lentils 
  • Fruits like tomatoes and bananas
  • Walnuts
  • Avocados

Not only are these foods good for your hair health specifically, but they are also beneficial for your overall health. Drinking plenty of water every day is also important. Doctors recommend 15.5 cups of water for men and 11.5 cups of water for women per day. 

2. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

The type of shampoo and conditioner you use can greatly affect the look of your hair. For those with thinner hair or those who feel like their hair is being weighed down, avoid creamy/thick shampoos. These shampoos are formulated for people with thick, coarse hair. Volumizing shampoos have thickening resins that stick onto your hair strands, giving the temporary feeling of thicker hair. Here are guidelines for how to wash your hair to achieve maximum volume. 

To wash your hair:

  • Thoroughly wet your hair and add a dollop of shampoo to your scalp and roots. 
  • Massage the shampoo into your scalp thoroughly. Don’t spread the shampoo down to the ends. 
  • Apply conditioner to the length of your hair, avoiding the scalp and root area.
  • Rinse out both the shampoo and conditioner. 

For conditioners, choose a volume-specific conditioner that has a light formula. Although a thicker conditioner may seem great, it may leave a residue, weighing down your clean hair. 

Tip: Some experts recommend conditioning your hair before shampooing. This is because the shampoo can help remove potential residue left by the conditioner. 

3. Blow-dry your hair

Love the effects of a professional blow-dry at the salon on your hair? You can mimic the routine at home with just a few steps:

  1. Dry your hair as much as possible with a microfiber towel.
  2. Remove the nozzle from your blow-dryer and blow air throughout your hair while rubbing your hair at the roots. 
  3. Flip your hair over and blow-dry to add lift to your roots. 
  4. When your hair is 75 percent dry, put the nozzle back on the blow-dryer and blow-dry using a round brush. Pull your hair up from the root and position your nozzle underneath your hair. 
  5. When your hair is fully dry, blast it with cool air from your blow-dryer to help set the volume. 

Tip: For those with thin hair, it’s better to air dry your hair rather than blow dry it. Thin hair is more brittle and can be easily damaged by heat. To air dry, gently blot your washed hair with a microfiber towel. Comb in a lightweight volumizing spray, focusing on the roots and crown, and then let your hair air dry. 

4. Change up your part

The easiest way to add instant volume to your hair is just by switching up your part. You can switch from a middle part to a side part and vice versa. However, over time your hair will get used to the part and lie flatter, so try mixing it up regularly. 

To add even more lift, spray some hair volumizer right at the roots and brush through. 

5. Try out old-school rollers 

Remember seeing those old-school advertisements for Velcro rollers and wanting to try them out yourself? Well, here’s your chance! Big hair rollers are back in style and are perfect for those looking to get volume in their hair without adding heat. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Velcro rollers:

  1. To start, your hair should be brushed out and almost dry. 
  2. Take a four-to-six-inch section of hair and roll a Velcro roller starting at the ends all the way to the root. The roll should be going away from your face. 
  3. Pin the roller with a clip. Repeat this process with another roller right behind the first roller and repeat throughout your hair. 
  4. Spray the finished rollers with hairspray.  
  5. You can let the rollers cool either by air drying or blow-drying.
  6. Once your hair is fully cooled, carefully remove each roller one by one. 
  7. Once all the rollers are removed, flip your hair over and spritz a bit of hairspray. 
  8. Flip your hair back and gently finger comb your hair to achieve the desired look. 

Tip: To achieve a voluminous blowout look, lightly tease at the roots with a fine-tooth comb. Add either a spritz of hairspray or dry shampoo to the teased area. 

6. Get a fresh haircut 

For a bit of instant volume, getting a fresh new hairdo may do the trick. There are a couple of ways you can add volume to hair in your next hair appointment.

haircuts to add volume to hair
  • Cut your hair shorter: The shorter your hair, the more body your hair will have. This trick is great for those with thin or curly hair. For those with curly hair, shortening your hair length can help prevent excessive pull-down on your curls. Shorter hair can actually make your curls appear more defined and healthy. Lobs and bobs are also great for thin hair, and look great with every face shape. 
  • Add layers: Layering is a sneaky way to add body to your hair. We recommend getting layers done at a salon, as overlaying or choppy layers can have the opposite effect on your hair.  
  • Get a healthy trim: Don’t want to cut your hair short or add layers? Just get a healthy trim! A trim may not add much volume to your hair, but it can make your hair appear thicker. 

If you’re not sure which haircut is best for you, discuss with your hairstylist. They’ll be able to provide you with more personalized advice and ideas. 

7. Color your hair 

Coloring your hair can actually add more volume to your hair than you might think. Certain colors can make your hair appear fuller, but avoid over-coloring because it could cause long-term damage. 

Darker hair tends to look more solid and full. However, if you don’t want to go full-on brunette, experiment with just a dark root. To make it look more natural, you can try a balayage.  

To add volume to thin hair, your hair colorist can add highlights. Adding in a variety of similar shades will add dimension and make your hair appear fuller. 

8. Use volumizing styling products 

hair products to use to add volume to hair

Using styling products that are specifically for adding volume to your hair is a great addition to your hair routine. Avoid thick creams and gels that will weigh down your hair and stick to mousse, volumizing sprays, and dry shampoo that will lift your hair. It’s important to know how to correctly use each product for the most voluminous results. 

  • Volumizing sprays and mousse: Use when your hair is slightly damp. Focus the product at the roots and work it in. Then let it air dry or blow dry for the best results.
  • Dry shampoo: Dry shampoo is a great fix for adding volume back into your hair on non-wash days. Add dry shampoo to your roots, let it sit, and then brush it through. You can also spritz a little dry shampoo after washing and drying your hair to soak up oils throughout the day. 
  • Serums and pomades: Avoid using shine serums and pomades at the root of your hair. Instead, take a pea-sized amount and focus it toward the bottom half of your hair shaft and ends.

Tip: When shopping for new products, look for labels like “adds body” and “volumizing.” 

9. Utilize the power of ACV

Do you use styling products in your hair every day? There may be product buildup that’s weighing down your hair, causing it to look flat. 

Apple cider vinegar is a natural solution to help break down product buildup in your hair. To make an ACV wash:

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 16 ounces of water.
  2. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, pour the mix over your head. Work the mixture into your scalp. 
  3. Let the mixture sit on your head for several minutes. 
  4. Rinse it out. 

Apple cider vinegar can also help with dandruff and an itchy scalp. It includes minerals and vitamins that are great for hair, including vitamins B and C.  

Start with just incorporating one or two of these tricks into your daily routine for fuller, more voluminous hair. If you’re ready for a volumizing haircut, book an appointment with a local hairstylist. 

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