Healthy hair gives you the confidence to rock any look. But solely focusing on shampoo and conditioner will not prevent unhealthy hair in the form of split ends, dryness, or damage from heat tools. 

Booking appointments for regular haircuts and getting personal with your hair goals is the key to obtaining a healthy hair routine. How often you should get a haircut largely depends on style and hair type. While there is no one set answer, many stylists recommend getting a haircut every three to four months. 

Check out our extra tips if you’re new to hair care routines.

How often should you get a haircut for a women’s hairstyle?

A hairstyle is a decision based on your personality, mood, or a specific look you try to replicate. The frequency of your haircuts depends on the style of your hair in the form of length (short, medium, or long) and features (layers or bangs). 

Achieve healthier hair with this list that specifies how often you should get a haircut for a women’s hairstyle.

Short hair length 

If you’re rocking a shorter hairstyle length, scheduling more frequent cuts around the four-week range is ideal for preventing your hair from growing out. Stylists recommend going to the salon anywhere between three and seven weeks. 

The shorter your hair, the more often you should get haircuts to keep the style from changing. Some styles, like pixie haircuts and bobs, may require more frequent cuts to maintain their shape.

Medium hair length

If you’re sporting a medium to long hair length, especially if it isn’t very damaged, cut it less frequently. Cutting hair three to four times a year can be enough if your goal is just to clean up your ends and layers. 

Unlike short hair, medium-length hair requires fewer regular haircuts because its in-between length means it can be easier to manage with hair accessories or heat tools to achieve a range of looks. 

Long hair length

How often you should get a haircut with long hair brings two things to mind: wanting long strands but also seeking a cut to keep it healthy. This is where a trim comes in handy rather than a cut. Trims every eight weeks can help you manage split ends while maintaining your length. 

Longer hair also means it has been growing for much longer, so the strands are older. Older hair is more delicate, making it easier for split ends, thinning, and breakage to occur, especially if your hair is chemically treated.

Hair with layers

The beauty community has not come to a general consensus about how often to cut layered hair because it depends on the person’s desired length and the number of layers since the hair grows at different rates. Professional stylists recommend getting a cut after two months, but consult with your stylist to see what’s best for your hair health.   

A greater amount of layers require more maintenance, and hair with longer layers requires fewer trims compared to shorter layers since a shorter shape can grow out. A personalized layered cut, like a Deva cut, might also require frequent touch ups. 

Hair with bangs

The type of bangs you have determines how often a cut is needed, but a good rule of thumb is every other week. However, it’s a good idea to cut your bangs if they’re starting to get in the way.

For example, wispy and curtain bangs can be easier to manage if you style them to the side or brush them back so you can go longer between trims. Blunt bangs that hover above the eyebrows are more challenging to maintain because if you wait too long, your eyes can be blocked by hair.

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How often should you get a haircut for a men’s hairstyle? 

It’s best to head to the barbershop every two to three weeks because if you wait longer, the shape of your haircut will fade. How often men should get a haircut is similar to women who choose to keep a shorter hairstyle because both require more frequent maintenance.

The frequency of getting men’s haircuts also depends on their style preference. For example, some prefer a shorter cut rather than allowing it to grow out and waiting a bit longer between cuts. To keep a clean and tapered look before your next cut, keep the cut in shape around the neck area and trim your facial hair.

How often you should get a haircut by hair type

The journey to getting healthy hair looks different for each person and knowing your hair type (thick, fine, curly, wavy, or straight) can help you create a more personalized routine. Identify your hair type to schedule your next haircut appointment. 

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Thick hair

Thick hair means you have more strands on your head. People with thick hair may be able to get away with less frequent haircuts since their hair doesn’t break as easily. Depending on your preferred style, you can get a trim up to six months after your previous one. 

Fine hair

How thin the diameter of your strands are lets you know you have fine hair. You can also tell if you place the strand in between your fingers and roll it. Fine hair tends to break more easily, so it’s good practice to go in for a haircut every four to six weeks.  

Curly and wavy hair

If your hair grows in waves like an S, you have wavy hair. You have curly hair if your hair grows in spirals or thrives in moisture. How often you should get a haircut with curly or wavy hair is six to 12 weeks. Coiled, tight curls should be trimmed every two months.


Straight hair is normally the easiest to detect, as the strands grow out in lines rather than waves or curls. This hair type should be cut every month or two, especially if your hair is fine and straight.

Top 3 haircutting tips for beginners

Health is the goal when it comes to hair routines. Starting your hair care routine is easier when you understand why you need regular cuts, when you need a trim, and when to seek professional advice. 

Consider these three tips before you book your next appointment. 

1. Get regular haircuts

Healthy and luscious hair needs regular haircuts to prevent split ends and breakage. The longer you wait to cut your hair, the more likely you’ll develop split ends and other damage. Regular haircuts also make styles easier to manage since the shape won’t be impacted.

2. Recognize when you need a trim

Celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook recommends getting a trim every two months to maintain length but achieve health. A good rule of thumb is if you notice split or dry ends, split ends traveling up the hair shaft, or tangles making it hard to brush, then your hair is screaming for a trim. Damage can be caused by heat styling, chemical services, and sun exposure. 

3. Seek professional advice

Connect with a professional hairstylist in your area to ask questions about hair products, how to maintain certain styles, and your hair goals. Communicate questions like pricing, how often you should wash your hair, and even how to fix a bad haircut. Don’t forget to tip your hairstylist after the service!

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Frequently asked questions about haircuts

What is the difference between a cut and a trim?

The purpose of a haircut is to fully regain your previous cut’s shape after the hair has grown too long, while trimming is for maintenance to keep the length and shape of the original haircut. Think of a trim as a smaller version of a cut.

We recommend trimming your hair an inch every two months because hair grows about half an inch per month on average, so cutting it this often will maintain your hairstyle.

How often should you get a haircut for hair growth?

You should get a haircut every 10 to 12 weeks for hair growth. Getting a haircut this often can help you achieve healthier and longer hair.

Longer length means your hair has been around for an extended period, and getting haircuts this frequently can prevent signs of age in the form of split ends and damage.  

How often should you get a haircut with processed hair?

You should get a trim (rather than a full haircut) every eight weeks if you receive hair services such as hair color, hair relaxer, perms, and heat styling to maintain its shape.

Most hairstylists agree with this time frame because it will remove some of the damage. If maintaining your hair shape does not align with your goals, then it’s best to get a cut to start fresh. Keep this in mind if you use hot tools because your hair will be more prone to damage. 

Booking your appointment

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