StyleSeat hairstylist, trichologist, and educator Rochelle H. Mosley credits a family friend with introducing her to the field of cosmetology. Growing up, Mosley had no clue what she wanted to do until she started assisting a stylist back in her hometown of Richmond, VA. 

“You could sweep the floors, wash hair, make appointments, answer phones. I really got inspired by not only what she was doing, but how much money she was making,” Mosley tells StyleSeat.

She went on to study cosmetology in high school through a vocational program before enrolling into an accredited program. “At that time, you only had to pay $50 for your kit and that was all you had to pay,” explains Mosley.

Staying the course, she became a licensed hairstylist at the age of 18 and is now a proud 50-year-old salon owner and hair expert who has had some of the same clients for over 25 years. Her major tip to building long-lasting relationships: Understanding that you have to have chemistry with that person to make it work.

“I always tell everybody it’s not about how well you can curl or how well you can color. This hair industry is about chemistry with not only the products but hair chemistry with the people,” says Mosely. “People like you as a person. [It’s about] that vibe! You put clients in a situation where they don’t like you to look for the next best thing. It’s hard to build a clientele if you’re not building chemistry with people from the door.”

Mosley joined StyleSeat in 2015 “looking for a way to get off the phone” so that she can focus on connecting with clients. “Then over the years, it started to evolve into this wonderful platform that I basically call ‘business for dummies,'” she says. “Everything is there. You just press a button, and it shows you everything you need to do, how to do it. I have a virtual assistant at my fingertips.”

Choosing StyleSeat to help streamline her business has certainly paid off, as Mosley is a five-star rated professional whose clients describe her as “personable, professional, creative, trendy, and responsive.” One client who nominated Mosley as a featured hairstylist for our “Because of Her” 2020 Women’s History Month series shared this testimonial: “I’ve been watching her teach the young and older generation with pure honesty, skills, confidence, and professional personality on how to ensure all clients leave feeling more confident than when they walked.”

Mosley is really passionate about mentoring the youth and aspiring hairstylists in the Harlem, NY and New Jersey areas where her Salon 804 is located. She shares her decades of knowledge and experience through hands-on and virtual workshops, as well as providing tools through her “Life After Beauty School” e-book series.

While the allure of making money sparked Mosley’s interest in the beauty industry as a teenager, she wants rising professionals to not be deceived by what they may see on social media. In order to level up as a successful hairstylist, you have to be financially literate, exude excellent customer service skills, and remain teachable in your artistry. “Being a full-time stylist is a hustle!” she says.

Mosley brings all of her creativity and charisma to StyleSeat’s first national TV spot, and she wants fellow stylists to know that “this is what it looks to level up and 100 percent authentically be yourself.”

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