It can sometimes feel like you need to learn a whole other language to translate the beauty aisle. There’s AHAs, BHA’s, and a lot of creams, ointments, and balms that can make anyone say WTH!?
To make things a little less confusing, here’s a quick primer (get it?) on some stuff that you might want to put on your face.

What’s BB Cream?

The BB in this stands for Beauty Balm, which essentially translates to “stuff that makes your skin look nice” BB cream is a way lighter alternative to foundation in that it makes your face a good canvas for makeup without feeling too cakey or heavy. In many cases, BB cream can be packed with minerals and other ingredients that can have anti-aging or glowy effects

What’s CC Cream?

Color Correcting cream is another lighter alternative to foundation. This cream works to even out your skin tone or make up for any sallowness or discoloration you might have. Some CC creams also have SPF built into them so you get protection and airy coverage.

So What the Heck Do I Use?

The good news is there is a foundation, BB cream, and CC cream for almost every skin type or skin color. Once you find the formula you like, you can follow this guide.

Use BB Cream

  • For natural, light makeup looks
  • When you need to do your makeup in a hurry
  • When you want minerals not offered by foundation

Use CC Cream

  • If your skin tone needs evening
  • To rock a barely-there look
  • For moisturizing SPF coverage
  • If you have red spots

Use Foundation

  • As a base for super dramatic makeup looks
  • If you have blemishes that need hiding
  • When you’re planning to be photographed

Still not sure what to use? Set up a virtual consultation with your skincare pro today!