Whether it’s bridal makeup, office party glam, or a night out — help from a makeup artist can add oomph to any occasion. But unless you’re a major celeb, chances are you’ve had limited experiencing hiring a professional. Don’t sweat it — we’ve gathered some tips to help you through this daunting process.  

Start Early

Some artists are booked months in advance. If your event is in a high traffic month (June for weddings, May for graduations, December for holiday parties etc.) make sure to set up an appointment at least 3 months ahead of time. If you need last minute help, try setting up a consultation at a makeup counter or beauty school. 

Look for Snap-worthy Artists 

To get a picture-perfect look, find an artist certified in “photographic makeup”. These pros are trained in techniques that make you look smashing in person and on the ‘gram. Scan their portfolio and social profiles to see if their work looks great on camera. 

Seattle-based makeup artist, Brooklyn Jarret.

Know Your Limits 

Got sensitive skin? Allergic to certain brands? Just really meh on specific trends? Knowing this information about yourself can help you inform your potential stylists about how to serve you. Having all this (and a Pinterest board of inspo) will help you find the artist who best fits your needs. 

Get Your Skin Set

Think of your pretty face as the canvas for a makeup artist’s ultimate masterpiece. Before meeting with an artist, do your best to glow up your skincare routine so that your canvas is as blemish free as possible. 

Danielle Rochon Makeup Artist
Danielle Rochon, Chicago-based makeup artist.

Be Prepared to Pay 

Even if you have a fantastic makeup pro in your family, you should never expect them to work for free. Do some research about makeup artist prices near you to get a baseline for what they charge and also what is included in that rate. No one should work for favors and if you want a job done well, be prepared to invest in you glam session and tip! It’s plenty worth it in the end.

Once you’ve taken all this into account you’re ready to get gorgeous! Browse local makeup artists and glam-gods on StyleSeat today.