After long days in the sun, lying by the pool or beaches, your hair, skin, and nails may need extra care to prepare for the cooler months. Not sure where to start? We asked our StyleSeat experts which beauty appointments you should book first to start the fall season refreshed. Check out these beauty services to book with your StyleSeat Pros.


After long hours in the sun and spending time in the pool, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a trim. “With the cumulative effects of the humidity and all the chemical processes, including sun and other exposures like chlorine on your hair, your hair is probably in pretty rough shape,” explains Jessica Morse Rutamu, StyleSeat professional and hairstylist in Portland, Maine. “So I would say not just for style reasons, but for health reasons, you probably need a trim,” finishes Morse Rutamu. 


If you experienced some hair damage during the summer months, you may need a more extensive service than trimming and should look into booking a haircut. This allows you to remove all of the damaged and split ends. Giving your hair a fresh start is perfect for the fall season and as the weather changes, allowing your hair to be healthy and thrive. Plus, it’s an opportunity to try that haircut that you always wanted. Go for it! See what trendy cuts and styles we have noticed on the StyleSeat blog.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning is a must, and Morse Rutamu even recommends adding it to your weekly self-care routine. She shares that summer elements tend to leave our hair dry and brittle, and deep conditioning sessions will help restore balance and moisture. So add a deep conditioning treatment to your next service.


You may notice some dullness after the summer if you have color-treated hair. When booking an appointment with your color specialist, add a gloss to your service. “So whether you’re doing a brightening glaze for a blonde or depositing pigment on a brunette, it’s going to give the illusion of your hair being healthier, more reflective, and richer in color,” says hair color specialist Morse Rutamu. 

Root Touch-up

You probably started the summer off with fresh roots to look sunkissed all season long. Since you have some new growth, it’s time to visit your hair colorist for a root touch-up. Morse Rutamu recommends “color melting”  for the fall for a more transitional look. This technique allows the color to be applied and color-matched at the root, giving it some richness and depth.


As we ease into colder weather, we may notice our skin will become drier. “Booking a facial when transitioning to fall season helps to correct sun damage from overexposure in the summer with corrective treatments such as peels. Also, because of the weather change, many people, especially combination skin, experience a change in their skin as well. Their skin will tend to feel more dry and even become more reactive through environmental triggers such as allergens, says Jessica Julien Idris, StyleSeat esthetician and owner of Hollywood Skin Atlanta. She recommends ensuring your facial includes exfoliation to help maintain oil balance, promote hydration, keep your follicles clean, and remove dead layers of skin. 


filling down nails

Manicure services, especially after the summer, are essential to help moisturize skin during the summer months. “I like to have my clients transition from gel extension services (or any other similar service) to a regular manicure to let the nails breathe,” says StyleSeat professional and Los Angeles, CA Cosmetologist Felicia Bullen. “Coming out of this summer with having to over-excessively wash our hands more with the pandemic still going on, we’re lacking a lot of moisture, and going into the fall, the temperatures start to cool down. So we don’t respond much to creating those natural oils like we would when it’s warmer,” Bullen shares.


With wearing sandals all season long, you may also need to book a pedicure once a month. Bullen recommends ensuring your professional provides a hot towel treatment, Paraffin treatments (for pedicures), and moisturizer to keep your skin soft and hydrated. She also suggests using Vaseline for at-home care to keep your skin moisturized. 

Body Scrub

We typically book a facial or a massage when we take a spa day. But have you thought about booking a body scrub? “It serves the same purpose as facial exfoliating. It helps to buff off dead skin cells for a more softer feel. It helps your body oil, cream, or lotion to set on the skin much better, which increases water retention in the layers of the skin, which prevents dryness and dehydrated appearance,” says Julien Idris. “Dry skin is not the healthiest of skin types and can crack and appear very dull, especially in the winter. Body scrubs (or body polish, body glow) treatments will help to correct those problems,” she explains.

Hair Extensions

Now that’s cooler, experiment with hair extensions to switch up your fall look. Morse Rutamu recommends the fall season as the perfect opportunity to wear hair extensions because you’re doing less to ruin them, such as sun and chlorine exposure. She also suggests that wearing hair extensions also allows you to experiment with color you’re interested in before committing to a hair coloring service. 

 Keratin Treatment

This treatment is often used along with heat styling, allowing for long-lasting smooth results. Planning a keratin treatment in the fall season could be beneficial, especially if you plan to heat style frequently. “It’s smoothing for your hair, so people think of getting it before the summer, which is awesome because the humidity is at its peak,” says Morse Rutamu. “But because your hair has been exposed to the humidity, which is super damaging, you almost need it at the beginning and end of summer, too,” Morse Rutamu explains.

Say “hello” to fall with a new look.

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